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    I have brought these magnificent straps up to Will for consideration on the Sparks binders and would love to know if anyone else would like to see these implemented into the lineup (even as an add on). The added bonus is quite obvious. Tighten using the spiral side and locking in place using the straight side. This fixes the problem that ghost ratcheting does to the straps by locking the strap in place on a different surface than it tightens. The other added bonus is that the strap locks on the first tooth without having to feed the ratchet a bunch of ladder before it locks.

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    i was going to retrofit some when i upgrade the a tesla on my fish split

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    Is it this?

    I hate the “ratchet ritual” we snowboarders must endure. I sometimes ponder switching to the hardboot side where the main attraction (for me at least) is never having to ratchet again (and then stand up and be light-headed and out of breath and sh*t).
    So this redesigned non-ratchet means your ratchet eats more strap with each hand motion thereby making strapping in faster? And there is less wear and tear on the whole system? I’m game.
    But how much more are bindings with these straps going to cost over what Spark already offers? I already think the Tesla system is too expensive and I kind of fiddly.

    Ironically, at the moment Afterburners are cheaper than Blazes on Spark’s website.

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    That’s them. Since I pretty much abandoned this season (due to things other than the minimal snowpack), I don’t have much time on them. Will didn’t really like the idea of using them due to higher weight over the current straps so it appears you would be on your own with this upgrade. They were pretty hard to get a hold of, but now with all the sales I imagine that has become a little bit easier of a task. I myself don’t care too much about weight as I do function so I installed some on my Afterburner bases. They work well with my modded Flow highbacks. Maybe next season I’ll have enough time on them to give my 2 cents whether they are worth the added weight.

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