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    Normally I would post something like this in the Utah conditions page, but since it’s the end of the world tonight I figured why not…

    Every spring I ride baldy chute in the closed Alta ski area, and so do about 100 other people. So i was really surprised to see that no one had hit it today. Darin and I didn’t really have a plan but started heading up the shoulder. Breaking trail wasn’t too bad in the dense snow as it consolidated quite a bit from the day before. We reached the top of the chute which is more of an open bowl now thanks to our ridiculous snow pack this year. Is it ever going to stop? On the way up we heard a large bang followed by a deep rumble and I knew something had broken loose somewhere. Across canyon a massive wet slide was ripping down the hellgate couloir and pouring over the cliffs below. Scary shit since that is a line I’ve talked about riding one day. For the rest of the day wet slides in varying sizes would pour down that line at least once every 20min. However back on Baldy the snowpack seemed good, the sun came out, and I dropped. While it wasn’t blower powder, it was fast and creamy. Darin dropped soon after and powered down the line I think he made about four turns down the whole thing. Something screwy happened and he exploded on the apron. After collecting himself we party rode past teams of snowshoers(?) and other tourers. After a beautiful drive down the canyon we stopped at Lonestar and ate. Je vis pour burritos poissons.
    We talked to a snowbird patroller who was up the ridge separating alta and snowbird and he said that snowbird could be up until at least the fourth of july! looks like there is still a lot of touring to do here in the wasatch :clap:


    Snow Slide over Hellgate

    Devils Castle

    Little Cottonwood

    My Line


    Darin not Turning

    Our Lines

    It looks like someone exploded on Mt. Superior

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    if it really was the end of the world, you definitely couldn’t go wrong having Pennywise play the sound track of y our last moments :headbang:

    Sweet vid

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    freakin sick :headbang:

    Im having some powder withdrawals

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    Will it ever get to a point where doomsday predictions have such a bad effect the government will step in? Do you think doomsday predictions have a negative effect on society? I think they do; I think people losing their money because they’ve been sucked in by a doomsday scam is terrible. But what’s the greater evil; doomsday predictors profiting off spreading panic and misery, or government limiting freedom and outlawing doomsday predictions?
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