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    Is the mantra I’ve lived for the past 7 years since I launched

    Well today my day job quit me.

    So I find myself at the crossroads….

    Down one path I see the opportunity to follow my heart and passion for splitboarding by putting everything I have into the site and making it my full time job like I’ve dreamt.

    Down another path I see another dead end job at a desk in an industry I’m not passionate about.

    You can probably guess which path I’m leaning towards….

    So with that friends I offer a heads up that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me and I ask for a favor.

    Now more than ever I need your help. Please tell your friends about the site, please continue to visit the site and help make it the best place for all things splitboarding, please use the affiliate links when purchasing your gear, please tell the manufacturers why you love the site, please keep your ear to the ground for industry jobs I might be able to do in conjunction with the site.

    Thank you splitters! :thatrocks:

    wish me luck


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    Best of luck to you. I started my own business after a few months of unemployment. After a year I’m still in business but it has definitely been and continues to be a struggle! You can’t put a price on the freedom of being your own boss though, and if you can make it on your own, that is true job security.

    Thanks for all you have done for the site, it’s an invaluable resource for a new splitter like myself. I will spread the word as much as I can.

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    Sorry to hear that Chris. It’s one of those things most of us would dread happening. But in transition resides opportunity; here’s to making the best of it. Thanks for all you do to provide this forum for all of us. I like many others here genuinely appreciate it.
    – Taylor


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    Congratulations! With tragedy comes great opportunity. Maybe it’s not a great tragedy losing your job, but it is an opportunity.

    This website has driven the splitboard industry into the future. I’d like to think that, if managed correctly, it will return the favor to you. Take a step back and look at what you have created. The only website (that I know of) that is a full-on resource for an expensive sport that is growing extremely fast in a down economy.

    Good luck, not that you need it.

    Edit to say: Taylor and I might not agree on board size but I guess we can agree on motivational speeches. :mrgreen:

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    Sorry, and congratulations!

    make sure you put on your Linkedin profile that you are the proprietor of 😉 – and we can all recommend you.

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    @fitit wrote:

    Sorry, and congratulations!

    make sure you put on your Linkedin profile that you are the proprietor of 😉 – and we can all recommend you.


    wishing you the best of luck BCR! hope to see you on a skin track on the Eastside soon…(insert snow here)

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    As someone new to the forum, I just wanted to say how important it was to me getting off my butt and actually starting to split! I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    This site really does make a difference and has given a great deal to the community. I hope the site and the community can in turn give back to you.

    Thank you for your hard work, and all the best.

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    i just recommended the page on my twitter and facebook profiles 🙂
    all the best to you!

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    Thank you for your work so far. And best of luck!

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    I started my own business after a few months of unemployment. After a year I’m still in business but it has definitely been and continues to be a struggle!

    Assume the struggle and few financial rewards for a while. #1 way to get through the struggles is for Mrs. bcrider to be strong in your corner(& a steady income) & understanding. When I began my current small business(17 yrs ago) it took 3 yrs before things became stable & rewarding. If it turns out better than that then its gravy. My wife was totally key in making it all come together.

    You have a great community with what appears to be a growing potential – very key. See the potential & maximize the tools of networking as you already are and I think it’ll provide. In this economy anything that shows growth potential has a pretty dynamic future.

    Rico in AZ
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    dude, wow.
    but chris, you’re a cat. we’ve seen you always land on your feet a few times over the years. i’m sure this time will be no different.

    you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me

    but we don’t need an overlord mod like that jackass over at teletips. 😆

    good luck, you’ll make it work out.

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    BC….Now that you’re a full time splitter…. We non full-time splitters will be requiring you post a weekly TR, or I’ll shat on the VM is on.

    Continue the shred please, and thank you. :thatrocks:

    Day jobs.. they suck heinder-cakes 😯

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    Yeah, Chris, make it happen man! I don’t know what sort of corny, sentimental thing to say, but I do think it’s good to be pushed into a different direction sometimes. And I like the direction that you chose… Lots of love from the Wasatch to! :thumpsup:

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    Hey Chris sorry to hear of the unwelcome change, I know you’ll do well where ever your path leads…
    I think its fair to say the majority of the current splitboard market owes you a debt of gratitude (don’t make me name, names)… :poke:
    Here’s hoping one or more of those who have stood on the shoulders of your work will do the right thing and return the favor… Give this man a gig!

    All the best!

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    Congrats on the bold step!
    And thank you for all that you do.

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    Good luck Chris…..As a fellow unemployed splitter I know we can find the goods when it actually DOES SNOW!

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    Good luck Chris!!!! I think the CEO of should be required to ride 100+ days!

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    Sorry to hear of the job loss Chris, even in times of life change, its always hard to “lose” a job – it looks like you’re taking the right approach and turning it into a personal positive by focusing on this rad site. :thatrocks: lucky us!

    A good friend of mine has run a very successful MTB site as his sole job for well over 10 years so niche communities definitely have the power to put food on the table. As mentioned, a strong support group at home is key and based on your posts over the past few years it seems like you have a granite foundation at home. is a site I have and continue to visit every day I have access to a computer (aka not in the mountains) and it has provided me with exactly the type if info and inspiration to get out and get after it in the mountains. Seeing the TR’s and other info here also helped speed up the process for me to finally pack up and move west for good.

    Looking forward to your increased input

    Good luck!

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    This site is the only site I really care to visit, it gets me through the work week. You can dork out, talk shit, share stoke all in a fun environment with guys who share the same passion as you. Let’s face it were not skiers and while we love snowboarding for all it is, were over the snowboard scene and what it’s become. Our perspective is different from those other guys and it’s nice to have a place dedicated to us. Thanks Chris for your hard work and good luck.

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    Thanks for all you do! I know as a new splitter I’d be pretty bad off without the collective wisdom of this forum. Keep at it and I’ll keep sending noobs to the site!

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