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    Last season I wanted to start experimenting with skiing without having to buy all new gear, so I thought I would post how I did it. When I was putting together a hardboot setup, I bought a full Dynafit binding.

    First I quiver killered the toe piece on the skis

    I use the spark adaptor plates for the toe piece on the board, so I can switch the toe piece back and forth

    Dynafit was nice enough to send me another forward lean plate, so I have one grinded set, and one original set that I have to switch out if I want to switch sides. My grinding is really ugly :/

    I thought I could get away with not cutting down the medial side of the boot, but just tonight I decided it needed to happen. There is just not enough range of motion without it. So hope fully it will help and not effect the skiing too much. I kept the power strap on. Thanks to Barrows for the original boot mod post, his grinding and cutting was so much cleaner haha. I’ll post some pics of the mods.

    I’d appreciate any critiques on the boot mods. Also I have a phantom’s question. I’ve had the spring stick in compressed when there is a melt freeze day. I have to take my leatherman out and wiggle the spring till it pops open. Does anyone have any ideas for making the spring not freeze? Maybe some low temp grease? Thanks!

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    Just to avoid any confusion, that’s the Phantom Dynafit-adapter plate on your board, not the Sparks adapter. The Sparks plate is shaped to fit the Radical toe piece well and the Phantom plate is shaped to fit the Superlight toe piece.

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    How hard was it to install those quiver killers. I also am bislidual and am wanting to move my toepieces back and forth. They are on my skis right now, but I’m worried about mounting them correctly. Tech bindings really rely on precision.

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    I got the quiver killers inserted at a shop, it was 60 CAD for all 8 which seemed reasonable, but the first couple shops I went to did not want to do it, saying it’s a liability issue.

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    WoW !So they weren t comfortable installing screws, I’d take my business elsewhere.

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    I think I’ve decided to just buy some extra toepieces. The cost of getting quiver killers installed + the risk of messing up my skis was too great for me.

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