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    Could be cousins with Odin, just different coloration. Beautiful dog and great pic. That’s what I was hoping for.

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    You are all lucky enough to have the option to bring you 4 legged friends into the mountains. Here in OZ all snow areas are National Parks and no dogs allowed 🙁
    I watch the video footage with dogs in them and it looks like they all love a run in the snow, not sure I would with no protection on my feet :thumpsup:


    Adam West

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    @TEX wrote:

    If someone gives you shit, ask to see a badge. If they have a badge, prepair for a fine ( no leash) . If they have no badge look them deep in the eye, rare back and as loud as you can yell


    L M F A O ! :headbang:

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    Thats a good looking Dog Silver. Enjoy

    and take Him any place you want


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    My dog is the BEST backcountry buddie I have ever had. He will break track, protect me from cyoties and hes always up for going out when ever I want!

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    Willard rock’s it, had her out Kayak fishing this weekend if you can believe that 😮

    Sweet mutt Silver…that’s come classic shit from Tex 😆


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    Style-Straight Line
    Location-Buckhorn, San Gabriels Mtns, California.

    :bananas: :bananas: :bananas:

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    That’s rad. Finn’s got mad skills.

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    Here’s my dog doing some spring shredding in the Eastern Sierra.



    (silver, hope you don’t mind more thread hijacking.)

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    Awesome! Cute pups! I love the dog stoke.

    Call it endangerment, but it’s better a better life then most chained up barking yard jewelry have.

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    @sdmarkus wrote:

    Willard rock’s it, had her out Kayak fishing this weekend if you can believe that 😮

    Figured you might have to see it to believe it…I know I was impressed.

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    That is rad SDmarkus. Dog in a kayak. That’s something.

    And upgrayedd, you’re not hijacking this thread by posting more dog stoke. That’s the whole idea. I’m not sure if I’m gonna take Odin to the Eastside just yet, want to make sure he’s comfortable with the steeps in less committing areas first.

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    me, ‘walove’ and his pup


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    ripper preseason…checking out his new ride.

    the last minute of winter ripper and steve.

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    ^^^^ that is one super sweet ride!!! for you and the dog.

    found this one of stormy pointing out our objective for the day last season, at 6 months it was his first steep line

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    I enjoy touring with other people’s dogs so we have a meal in case we get lost. I recommend keeping em on a vegetarian diet so they dont taste so bad.

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    @Powder_Rider wrote:

    The one thing about Northern breeds (Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and Alaskans (mix husky breeds) is they love to run, so they can never be taken off lead!

    You’re kidding right?
    I have a Chinook x Alaskan Husky/Wolf and an Inuit Dog who are never on leashes, never run off and listen perfectly. There are no shortage of sled dogs here who are never leashed and never need to be.

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    Regarding the beacons and dogs thing. Evidently Pieps is going to have a doggie beacon for next year that will operate on an alternate frequency. It will work with the DSP that has a new firmware update for next year. Not sure if it will work with the Vector. That is about all I know, but I should be able to get my hands on it as soon as it becomes available.

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    Took the puppy out for a quick, easy tour last weekend to see how she would do. She still needs some trail manners before she gets out with more people around but did good following me down.

    Shuksan at the top.

    Shuksan, the puppy, and Stelvio following my line.

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    @sdmarkus wrote:

    @sdmarkus wrote:

    Willard rock’s it, had her out Kayak fishing this weekend if you can believe that 😮

    Figured you might have to see it to believe it…I know I was impressed.

    I see your kayak and raise you a standup paddle board 😆

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