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    My summer started out a bit different than normal. Usually, it is my time to go ride some bigger lines in the Tetons and Absarokas, but this summer started with a surf trip to San Diego to hookup with Patroller420. He totally hooked me up with choice food (gotta love the ribs), phat pad, local surf knowledge, and a sweeet boat. Thanks bro!

    No avalanche report, but the surf report is not too bad…except the surf is flat on this day (good thing we were headed to Smell A.)

    P420 getting the boat ready to cruise out to DoughNUTS

    Boards loaded

    We headed out to P420’s secret boat surfing spot only to find the wind had completely blown everything out. Heading out, I thought we were going to capsize due to the big rollers moving. Fuggin’ wind.

    Didn’t get any surf photos really…ended up surfing Baja Norte, Carlsbad, etc. The point break at K38? was the bomb!

    Upon returning to Wyoming, a lot of big lines had been ticked off the list by some of my partners. It was a crazy spring and early summer. The snow melted much faster than normal around these parts. I had one peak in mind that I wanted to ride before the pack got too thin. Nothing big, but more of a scouting mission for this next winter and spring.

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    Well, back at the ranch brought a lot of work for me this season. I was stoked to hang out with the family and do a lot of hiking, looking for new lines, and start introducing my little gurl to the mountains.

    Along with hangin’ with these two lovelies, I really wanted to spend some time with my father who has taught me a lot about the mountains. One day, I asked him if he wanted to check out a peak not too far from our ranch that I had been by before…so we loaded up. I was off to make a few turns and he was amped to be hiking a new peak. Nothing big, but fun.

    Photo of Union Peak in the Northern Winds…our line was the main snowfield lookers left:

    Gotta love Wyoming Wildlife…nice Wapati.

    Closer view of Union Peak (look close and you can see my lines dropping):

    Some nice AFYF (another fuggin’ yellow flower)

    My dad climbing…he loves to glissade…says light is right:

    Union Peak summit marker:

    When we got to the summit, my eyes about popped out from seeing all the stellar lines to be ridden. This place is off the hook with relatively easy access…STOKED!

    My dad glissading…crazy guy:

    What a way to start off our summer….now…I wish it would snow!

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    Hey, I know that guy. Dude, you are so lucky to be able to hike with your Dad. Mine likes to go out in the woods , but I lost my love for Blastin deer. Now I just blast waves.

    Note to all board users: Wysplit can wakeboard. Craziest thing both Him and Ce Ce struggled a couple of times learning how to stand and about 15 seconds later started ripping the shit out of the wake. I guess if you know how edges work they work on water just like snow

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    N Winds looks amazing. So many lines. Way to get out w/both ends of the family spectrum. Great stoke!

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    Cool pics Wyo! 8)

    Family’s looking good too!

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    Looks like the little girl is gettin along fine. Congrats, man. Sure you gotta make some sacrafices for the sake of the fam., but man, so rewarding.

    Your stoked on the outdoor spirit your pops has. My Dad likes to be in the outdoors but I wish I could get my him more than four feet from his truck and deer rifle. Like 420, I just can’t get pumped to go shoot shit anymore. It’s not that I’m against hunting and especially not against eating meat, it’s the mindset that I can’t stand to be around. We just fish now…but my ass gets ancy after being in a bout for a few hours.

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    Sick late season stokage wsr! Great to see pics of P420, your pops, wife and little girl. Almost old enough to ride! 😀

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