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    I keep slipping while skinning, it feels like lack of pressure under my heel. I only have single height risers, I think dual height might help me get more pressure under the heel (the only bit that seems to grip for me).
    This problem cost me a summit this morning, I just couldnt keep floundering like I was trying to get up the mountain, snowshoes would have had me there in no time compared to what was happening.
    Snow was about 20cm of soft on a harder layer beneath.

    Im just about ready throw the split and go back to snowshoes, at least I get where I need to on the shoes instead of doing the moon walk everywhere I go on the split lol.

    wasatch surf

    push through the heel, don’t lean forward. plant your poles at the same level as your touring bracket. DON’T LEAN FORWARD. stand up straight and put all of your weight into your heel.

    if that fails buy hardboots, if that fails buy crampons.


    Thats exactly what I figured. I need the extra height of the dual height riser to get enough pressure under my heel at the angles I am trying to get up.


    If you are climbing up bubble-wrap rime ice, no skins or technique will help. Binding crampons may not even do much I those conditions. Sometimes you just need to strap the boards on your back and boot/crampon up.

    You never mentioned what skins you have or how much of your base they cover. Some skins do out-climb others, but as has been said, a little technique can go a long way. And definitely get dual height heels.


    Maybe it was simply too steep to go straight? Above 28-30° one needs to go zig-zag with switchbacks.


    From one big swallowtail rider to another, choose a lower angle skin track. I’ve beat myself half to death trying to hang on what others feel is the appropriate approach angle. Do yourself a favor and cut a new path.
    After all swally’s are all about the down 😀

    Apologies if your not talking about your ST 😳

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    my experience with the dual heel risers is that the high one is to high. If you need that heel riser the skin track is too steep to skin up and I slip backwards to frequently. I am not sure why skin tracks seem to get steeper every year but when they get to steep i set my own. I think it would probably be best if our heel risers matched the height of dynafit low high riser heights.


    High heels are for ladies! The best solution is to do a lower angle track. Most skin tracks, at least in my area are steeper than ideal.


    I’ve been using cramp on’s now everytime I get into the track and it’s amazing. The thinking is that I’m not getting any glide so I might as well get grip. It makes everything easier especially switchbacks. And when the track gets slippery from high traffic I still have bite. I can’t say enough about the Mr Chomps and how easy it is to install them and shred up hill.


    Just keep practicing and “push with your heel” as WS mentioned. :thumbsup:

    Higher climbing bars are not the answer until you perfect the technique. For now it will only make matters worse by putting more weight on your toes when it needs to be on your heels. You’d be better served investing in splitboard crampons as previously suggested.

    Don’t lean forward, stand up straight, keep practicing, and have fun! :thatrocks:


    Thanks for the replies guys, I had the same problems today, getting lapped by snowshoers on asahidake.
    My problem is Im leaning back as far as I can without falling over backwards and still slipping when it gets steep. Ive got mr chomps at home in australia, snowshoes too. Wish I packed them both lol.


    I had this problem on my last trip, it was a nightmare. I, too, only have the single height riser but I found that if I give a little stomp on the steeper icier stuff it helps the skin hold a bit more. Thats about all I can contribute that has not been mentioned yet. Also thinking of investing in some Mr. Chomps after mt last experience.


    @BobGnarly wrote:

    Im just about ready throw the split and go back to snowshoes, at least I get where I need to on the shoes instead of doing the moon walk everywhere I go on the split lol.

    F&#k me – Don’t go back to snow-shoes! That’s heresy!!! 😯 😥 😡 😳

    When you say you were splitboarding at Asahidake, I’m assuming you were up in the alpine above the ropeway, in which case it’s hardly surprising you were slipping and sliding. The alpine is always super wind-blasted there as it’s so exposed. Particularly recently too, as a few weeks back it got blasted by a really nasty northerly that basically stripped the alpine back to rock.

    See here in this photo, I was going to tour up the peak on this particular day (yes that’s a solid, my split was at the bottom of the ropeway in the car) but have a look below and you’ll see there was barely a ride-able line (that didn’t involve a likely core shot anyway) off the peak, so I stuck to the treeline.

    Using your tallest climbing wire is not the answer. The terrain should dictate what climbing wire you use.

    Cold comfort, but as everyone else said – Your Mr Chomps would’ve eaten this shit for breakfast.

    In any case, if you find yourself slipping go for a lower skintrack angle with more switchbacks.

    Another tip is to keep the skin as flat as possible to the surface. The more surface area of the skin you have in contact with the snow (or ice 😥 ), the more weight it will support without slipping. Edges are not your friend :thumbsdown: Your skins need to be touching ground not air.

    You can do all this by rolling (or pointing) your knees and/or ankles downhill.

    Also, slide your “ski”, don’t lift.

    Stick with it!

    My final tip is to head down the valley from Asahidake to a place called Furanodake where you will lap the “slow-shoers” in the testicle-deep top-to-bottom powder! :rock:


    another tip which helps keep your body in position is dont look down at your boards when you are skining, keep your chin up and look strait ahead..also practise on the flatter areas without using your poles, helps to establish getting the grip on the heels instead of putting weight on your poles..and dont rush……


    What skins are you using? Some grip better than others.

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