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    Hey All…

    Just wanted to let everyone know (like you didn’t already know) that Voile is a real stand up company. Had a few problems with the Burton setup last year and changed out the interface to the Voile setup. Things went a little awry and my hubby ended up with a broken stick. BUT… after talking to DJ, life is good again. He hooked us up with a great deal on a new interface and made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just wanted to throw out a thanks to him and some props to Voile for watching out for their customers.

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    Dj……….dj………….dj……..oh yeah I remember him! He used to post here quite often. 😉

    No really…cool story boardergirl! That’s how Voile does it! 8)

    Stand up company for sure! :thatrocks:

    Jon Dahl
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    Every time I’ve called Voile, they have went way outta their way to help. It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $150 or free, they ROCK!

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    I’ve had the same experiences. No doubt cool cats. On one call DJ even offered me a place to crash…and we’ve never met!!!!

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    I too have great praise for the one they call “DJ”. Some day we must get him to the sierra

    dj barney
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    I hope you guys have better success with the boards this year, I appreciate the cool pics your buddy sent my way as well. One was my background on my work computer- Some female ripping it up at high speed, musta been you?
    Also this saves answering on another thread of yours. I served 4 years in the US Army in Germany and spent 2 of those years living out of a canvas wall tent. I probably spent more time in them during the winter, and they work great in the snow. I’d just make sure you watch the weight of your snow load (obviously), and we would re-waterproof the tent every time we came back from our couple month stay. We would literally use mops to put the liquid waterproof on, this stuff was spendy- which wasn’t an issue since Uncle Sam was footing the bill. The most comfortable camping I’ve ever done was in these wall tents with cots and a heater.

    Nice pot shot BCR, I deserved it, but my excuse is I’ve been busy working hard trying to help the split program at work! 😉 We’ve got some way cool shit going on over here in our top secret facility!

    Thanks to all of you for the kind comments, it’s easy to take care of the splitters ’cause I’m just as rabid as the rest of you!

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    I’ve always wondered exactly how to pronounce Voile. Is it Vo-lay or is it Vu-lay????

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    Zee French would say, “Vwah-lay”.

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    So its “Vwah-lay?” Seriously?

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    I’m pretty sure. Ask fassnor – he’s our resident frog.

    Just like voila = vwah-lah and couloir = cool-wahr

    Most times I hear people say something more like “vo-lay”.

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