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    the template for the touring brackets from voile mounts the brackets off center and now my crampons will not work, they do work on my voile board though. so my question: What will happen if I remount the touring brackets centered (to accommodate the crampons), just about 1/2in. over and 1/2in. up from the old holes?— i will leave the old t-nuts there. this will put the touring brackets 3/4 in. or so ahead of the balance point. i cannot think of any problems with being mounted more forward while in ski mode, except crossing my tails more, due to my duck footed nature.i.e.. longer tails. also, will leaving the t-nuts or even having more holes close to the old t-nuts significantly weaken the board?, or will it be mostly cosmetic? thanks

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    i’d worry that making switchbacks would be a pain with this setup 😕 the nose might want to hang down when the ski comes off the ground.

    heard some folks move the brackets back a bit of center to make sure the tails drop when the plank is lifted, should make it easier to swing around that back ski… my $.02

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    thanks digdug, i think we are talking about the samething. i just did not articulate what i was doing very well. my tails will be heavier than my tips, because i will have less tip due to moving the touring brackets forward. will i run into any problems having double the t-nuts? or, should i remove them and epoxy fill the holes? .02$ is greatly appreciated!

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    I noticed on the voile website that there are 2 different widths for the crampons. They suggest using the wider ones if you are DIY and have a wider board. Your board might not be wide but the wider crampons might help.

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