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    Hi Folks,
    Just been splitting my old board and have some questions I haven’t found answers to on the other posts here. Perhaps some of those with experience will have some comments and suggestions.
    Firstly, on bevelling the edge after sawing the board: what is the purpose of this and what size (how much material) should be taken off with the bevel? (A photo or diagram here would be great)
    Also on countersinking the T-nuts: how deep are people countersinking, do you try and leave the nut flush with the surface or countersink deeper (how deep) and fill? Does everyone use epoxy to fill or is there some better material to fill with?
    Also I have found that all the 3/4″ wood bits I found had a point that would cut deeper around the circumference of the countersink; has anyone found a source for bits that drill a “flat” hole? Does it even matter?

    Jon Dahl
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    Take that 3/4 inch wood bit to the bench grinder and take the points off, very carefully, and retain the cutting edge angle that is already there. Keep that bit cool and go slowly. I countersink to the bottom of the p-tex, no further. I’ve left one w/o anything in the hole, and filled the next one w/epoxy. Liked the thought of no water access to the core. All you need is a light bevel, about 45 degrees to the base. No need to go crazy here. Purpose? Maybe help the board halves fit together a little easier?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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