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    Matt Wood
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    Anyone ever experience this pretty crappy injury? Had surgery last Tuesday to repair the bugger. Made it 41 years before going under the knife.

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    Keep us informed of the progress, tendon injuries and ruptures can be brutal.

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    That is so wierd cause a guy at work just had this same thing happen. Apparently he was trying to hold an iron cross on the rings (not at work but at the gym). Sounds crazy.

    Matt Wood
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    It’s been almost four weeks now, still splinted and slinged when prudent. Me and the wife have been exploring the Flattops with some dryland training hikes. Car camping too. Had a couple inches of snow Tuesday night in the Snowy Range Wyo. That was rad! My best advice to people is to practice whipping you butt with your opposite hand.
    Two more weeks splinted, should have full range of motion after two more weeks, full strength?????

    On a side note. Health insurance is worse than it was now. 13G’s out of pocket and our premiums are now over 900 a month. My friend cancelled his a couple months back because they jacked his premiums, broke his collar bone Tuesday. 1500 cash to the surgeon and hospital is allowing him to make interest free payments. We had to pay 900 for MRI, 1000 (deposit I guess) to surgeon and 1700 to hospital so they would admit me for surgery. Your so much better off with out insurance.

    Apparently it is a common injury for climbers. That’s why I posted it here. I figured like myself, many of you guy’s also mountained in other ways too.

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    Did something like this back in October of last year. Still feel it today, no surgery, (but did it as a result of a throwing injury too soon after shoulder repair surgery. +40 == longer recovery, however, do the PT once they get you on it. That will ensure best success for full return to fun 😀

    Good luck!

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    I’ve been dealing wi a 2nd deg tear of my brachiorad so i sorta almost kinda feel your pain, i had to take a month off climbing and starting to ease back into it now…. yah upper extremity injuries are tuff, arms are so… useful!!

    what really boggles my mind here is “$13G out of pocket and $900/mo premiums”!
    WTF thats not health insurance thats a scam!!

    Feel for ya bro keep your chin up!

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    Yeah, Matt, 13k out of pocket and $900/mo is criminal. My understanding is that, if you’re in the U.S., you can shop health insurance policies on the Obama exchange… Where the law prohibits insurance companies from asking about or charging you for pre-existing medical conditions. Best wishes for fast recovery.


    Matt Wood
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    Six week appointment today! Please let me use my arm now.

    Matt Wood
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    Reached full range of motion on day 2 of PT, and was released yesterday after two weeks of every other day appointments. Staying active and breaking some of the surgeons rules was a big help. My therapist has another patient with the same injury who is on his 5th week of pt and still doesn’t have full range of motion. Pain meds and tv viewing is not the answer.

    Anyway, glad this is behind me. Back at work and waiting for snow. Remember to practice your switch ass wiping.

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    “Pain meds and tv viewing is not the answer.” Amen!!!
    gotta keep moving if you want to again be strong..

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    Oh man, bummer injury for sure. I did a 3/4 rupture of my quadriceps tendon about a decade ago, and its still not fully the same. Tendon remodeling in response to injury is a real bitch. Basically, the injury site is now scar tissue, and it will only ever reach 98-99% of original strength, and it will be more prone to reinjury.

    Main thing is to do your PT!!

    Matt Wood
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    Five months out and yeah, I have accepted it will never be the same. I think most of the discomfort is from the harpoons in the bone. I suspect my body doesn’t want them there, but that’s my theory. I hear you on the scar tissue thing, my Physical Therapist said that was the point of making me cry when she was massaging it.
    Early December I went out to Cameron Pass for what turned out to be a rowdy ski mission and I was bummed how much it affected my touring. It’s fine until you have to catch yourself unexpectedly. It’s my leading arm so inbounds hasn’t been too bad. Again, untill you plant it on the ground or need it to get your old ass up……. Getting old sucks
    PS On the Insurance front – our policy was cancelled, currently we are looking at +900 a month and deductible is going up 2K (14,800 each). I have a near perfect credit score so I’m paying 500 and change a month for 25 months at 0% interest (Thanks alot) to pay for my repair. Totally awesome! Whatever you do, don’t work hard and pay taxes. It doesn’t pay. Also do not own a small business.

    Sorry for the rant.

    At least it’s been dumping. I lost count of how many times I’ve put our trails in this month. DEEeeP!

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    Rant on, keep ranting. Insurance and health care in this country are definitely in terrible shape with no reasonable, fair, rational fix on the horizon.

    Your injury, recovery, and insurance issues sound really unpleasant.

    Is your insurance a group policy through your business?

    Rebecca and I have a small business and were buying insurance through our business because the individual market was a disaster before the ACA was passed. Once the ACA took effect, we went with the individual market because it offers better, standardized rates and maximum out of pockets (among other things) much lower than you are talking about with your insurance.

    You might be providing insurance to employees and would have to figure out how to get away from the group policies, but unless you have over 50 employees, you are not required to provide health insurance and might be able to give them a stipend to get insurance in the individual market (tax issues could be an issue).

    Of course, nothing will prevent the standard, underhanded ways that insurance manages to pay less and doctors (not all of them), pharma, and hospitals manage to bill you extra.

    Matt Wood
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    My wife and I are under the same S Corp. she is a scientist and works with a team of consultants, and I have a Construction business. I only hire Subcontractors as the workers comp is out of control also. Over 8K a year for myself, and no I don’t carry coverage for myself. My wife is the “brains” of the outfit so it is her job to shop the exchange. Good thing too, I usually resort to F Bombs when talking to crooks trying to take all my hard earned money. I really see no solution other than throwing your money away. I just wish I could sleep better knowing how many people are getting “free” healthcare.

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    I usually resort to F Bombs when talking to crooks trying to take all my hard earned money.

    I am the same way usually, but I had my best insurance experience ever when switching to the ACA and plan to give my agent a gift when I get back in town. The online exchange frustrated me to no end, so I sought out some help. The sisters at in Pagosa Springs went above and beyond my expectations in helping find the right plan.

    Those F%$#ers at Golden Rule/ United Health deserve a swift kick in the nuts!

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    DAMMIT. I just did this to myself yesterday. Came up to mammoth for a family weekend and was helping my Son-in-law remove his roof top box lifting up on it my whole arm popes loudly and my elbow collapsed
    Wired sound. But if I don’t move it too much I don’t feel much pain.
    Can’t lift anything with the arm
    Went out boarding and fell on the bad arm a couple of times
    Will be seeing an Ortho when I get home
    Man. THIS SUCKS!!!

    Matt Wood
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    Oh man I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll never forget that sound. Is it you dominant arm? Try and find someone to do the “button” repair, I had it “harpooned”. Button more bueno so I’ve heard.

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    Damn. Saw my Orthopedic yesterday. Full rupture. Need surgery. Next Friday.. Seasons screwed Damn Damn Damn

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    F*ck man. That’s such a bummer. I was really looking forward to bopping around the east side with you this spring. Sorry to hear the awful news. 🙁

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Im hoping to be ride ready by April Maybe late march

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