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    2017 Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Boot – Detailed Reveal

    Hopefully we will see some of this innovation come to a more split friendly boot.


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    Unfortunately, I think you’re dreaming. Considering splitboarders make up likely 5% (at best) of the snowboard market, and hardbooters likely make up generously 10% of them, that is 0.5% of the population that would need this, probably no more than a 1000 people worldwide? It is simply not enough for a company like Dynafit to develop anything when they have so many more skiers to devote R&D dollars to. Our only chance is for Phantom to partner with a company and get significant savings on boot to apply to R&D, and for John to no longer be an aerospace engineer…

    I just think realistically its not going to happen, which sucks. We just need to keep doing as much as we can ourselves with DIY mods.

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    I guess the plus of the hoji boot in the context of splitting is that the lower shell is wide with a roomy warm toe box. Looks to all be irrelevant with the lack of a toe ledge for a light hard boot binding.

    The opportunity for a hard-shell snowboard boot probably lies in composite construction. It is labor intensive but not capital intensive to make composite parts. The hardest part might be embedding the tech binding insert in a durable way.

    About the only hard boot that I would entertain would be like Pierre Gignoux’s snow board boot, but with the volume for a nice thick standard snowboard liner that would be 2 pounds a boot or less. At 3 pounds a boot, I’d rather be in a softy.

    So have at it energetic 20 somethings. Once you learn to mold a nice complex composite part you might end up with a completely different career though making plane or car parts a la D. Milovich of the original winterstick.

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