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    Quick summation:
    Pre-dawn start. Eleven hour day. Great frozen corn for the first two hours quickly turning soft, heavy, and slow. Insanely beautiful views. Several smallish rider triggerd wet snow avis. Long climb up Tallac with vultures circling the summit and thunder clouds moving in. Capped off with the worst snow ever in north bowl on Tallac.
    Good times.


    crossing Dick’s Lake

    Andy skinning up toward Dick’s

    Roman on saddle below Dick’s

    Near summit of Jack’s. Andy and BCrider looking fresh because…

    Roman used his verts to put in an awesome staircase up the steep face lookers left of where he is now trying to catch his breath.

    Dick’s from Jack’s

    Left sluff is mine, right from Roman and Andy.

    bcrider dropping between

    wet slides everywhere

    On the skin up from below Gilmore lake.

    Last transition just below Tallac summit.

    Pretty horrific conditions in North Bowl. Not sure what the proper term is for the giant runnels some of the wet slides create, they look like bumpy water slides. Definetely not a good time to make turns over your partner.

    Huge depostion area in North Bowll on Tallac.

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    Nice summary dave! 8)

    The vultures on Tallac were a trip. Thanks for a great day. 🙂

    Desolation Trifecta 4-30-06

    Usually this time of the year is spent exploring the big peaks along on the Eastside of the Sierras but due to some family obligations I stayed closer to home this weekend.

    A plan was formed and a group was assembled, here are the pics from a memorable day.

    Stage 1 – Dicks Peak

    Inspired by iskibc’s TRs to capture some morning color…Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay.

    The view from just below Maggies saddle.

    Kalmia to Jeanine

    Backside of Tallac…looks like it goes gimpy. 😉 🙂

    Our first good look at Dicks Peak.

    Dicks Lake

    Skiing to Dicks Pass. Gotta love firm snow for fast, direct skinning.

    Le boot pack on the ridge.

    Halls of the Gods

    Andy and dishwasher dave getting closer…

    Summit two on the menu, Jacks. Pyramid and Price behind.

    Summit one, Dicks Peak in just over four hours from the Bayview trailhead.

    To the west, unnamed peak 9441

    To the east, Dicks Lake and Lake Tahoe

    Riding off the highest point possible…Lou Dawson says it doest count otherwise. 😉

    We descended off the south face at 10:30am, the Sierra corn was ripe.


    dishwasher dave



    dibiase and dd

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    Stage 2 – Jacks Peak

    Dibiase starting the skin from the bowl between Dicks and Jacks.

    Andy blazing the way.

    The east facing lines off Jacks.

    Back to booting

    dibiase and Andy…dibiase’s Verts made a great bootpack to follow. Thanks man!

    Skis back on for the last skin to the summit.

    Looking back at our line off Dicks.

    To the west to Pyramid.

    And to peak 9441 again.

    dishwasher dave


    The headwall on Jacks.


    Looking down on Cracked crag

    Natural activity near Mt Price. At least two weeks old (I saw the same slide from Halls of the Gods a couple weeks back).


    Mt Agassiz and Mt Price

    Nearing the summit.

    Summit number two, Jacks Peak.

    More Pyramid and Agassiz

    More Cracked Crag

    dishwasher dave descending from the summit…too warm for the headwall line.

    dibiase gives her a go.



    Looking back

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    Stage 3 – Mt Tallac

    Two down…one to go.

    Cracked Crag

    Uber-extremo cornice skinning

    Jacks, Dicks, and Gilmore Lake in the foreground.

    dishwasher dave is a skinning machine…nearing the third summit.

    Looking down to Gilmore Lake and beyond…thunderstorms quickly approaching.

    dishwasher dave on summit three, Mt Tallac.

    Obligatory Tahoe, Emerald Bay, and Cascade Lake pic.

    Previous wet slide damage in sun bowl.

    Looking back at Tallac.

    And there you have the Desolation Trifecta (one of them). 🙂

    Thanks for a great day guys!

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    Just a few options back there 8)

    How much refreezing is occuring overnight?

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    Cool Trip! You guys nailed a sweet line on Jacks. I think your route from Dicks to Jacks is a good choice. Steeleman and I did Jacks to Dicks and had a gripping episode of skinning across that South face of Dicks in a snowy cloud cap on firmish snow. One of these days we’ll post our pictures of that weekend.

    Tallac looks brutal.

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    Great pics! I love the silhouette of the last transition with dramatic clouds in the background. It was a really nice little photographic overview of the area. Now I have to pull out the topos and stare until everything makes sense…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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