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    Despite record Snowfalls a few weeks ago out here on the east, most has melted. Having been held captive in Pennsylvania during this storm made me a little crazy…well, more than usual. So The Girlfriend and i went north to my place in the adirondacks…specifically Whiteface. Originally, i had intended on biking up to snowline on the Whiteface Memorial Highway…estimated at 2miles up. This was the last of the skiable snow from the big storm. I knew that at best there might be enough cover to get a few turns up high, but was afraid to bring the split due to thin cover…so i decide on my tele skis. HEY! DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES!!!

    New wheels….

    When i got up to the toll( as far as you can drive in winter), the road was “mostly” covered….with snow! So basically, i took my bike for a drive…i couldnt be more happy!!!!!! about 1.5″ at the bottom, more the higher i went. Got up about 2.5 of the 5miles when my pole collapsed and i couldnt, for the life of me, get it back extended. So i was stuck with a pole that hardly reached 3″ above my knee! ****!!!! At about this point anyway, it was warming abit and the snow was getting wet. So i called it then and made some sweet TURNS all the way back to my car. Encountered some nice wind drifts on the way down too. There was barely enough snow, but a nice layer of ice on the blacktop under the snow saved my skis. All in all WAYYYY beyond what i had expected. 1st turns are sweet when they are earned…even if it was marginal.

    Turns in there somewhere…

    Hoping to RIDE this weekend at Hunter….

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    Not bad man! I had my “first day” snowboardin’ at good ole Iceface…oops I mean Whiteface! that is a haul from PA…

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