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    I celebrated my 100th day splitboarding with a trip back to Great Basin NP. From the road up to the TH, it was clear that things were melting out fast but there were a couple of N facing gullys still filled in that could provide a fun enough descent. I decided to backpack in just for the heck of it and since I had nothing else to do during the weekend. I left the TH around 1900. Being memorial day weekend and all the TH parking lot was pretty crowded and no less than four people told me I was crazy to be hiking out at 1900 with a splitboard strapped to my pack. One guy even took a picture.

    It was a gloomy but warmish evening.

    With the lean snow conditions, I headed for the longest continuous line I could find. It took me a lot longer than I though to get to where I wanted to camp. The annoying thing about GBNPs Lehman creek drainage is that there are a lot of micro terrain features that don’t show up on top maps which make route finding a pain. Travel conditons consisted of talus hopping or post-holing.

    After a surprisingly cold night, the sun finally filtered through the bristle cones and warmed me up. There was a decent refreeze so I took my time waking up and making breakfast.

    I eventually made my way up the gully I wanted to ride and enjoyed the summit for a bit. This gully was the western twin of the one I rode last month. I didn’t make it to the top in back in April due to running out of snow so the views were a nice bonus this time.

    Some gnar. They are not in anymore.

    Just enough snow to put down a hundred or so turns.

    Close to 2200 ft of silky corn snow. Twas fun.

    I loaded up my camping gear and headed towards another mostly filled in, but shorter gully across the drainage. Unfortunately, the shitty travel conditions ate up my window of supportable snow and It was clear that I was too late to climb the other slope. Not wanting to killed the stoke of my run, I headed back to the truck in blissful shame.

    I’m thinking that this is it for me for this season. Traveling with a snowboard on your back over rocks and dirt is getting old and Im ready to go full time summer.

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    Gawd, Wheeler Peak is one of my favorites places in the world. My wife and I got lost in those same talus pits in August a few years back. Riding it is on my bucket list.
    Lovely picks. Thanks for the stoke.

    Oh yea. And those two gnar coulees look siiick. Don’t they drop into one of the lakes though?

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    Classic, pretty sure we ran into you trailside on Sunday. You were packing out and we were headed up for a quick lap…small world.

    Beautiful area, I’ll definitely be back. Good effort on the overnight :thumpsup:

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    Awesome! Great Basin National Park is a favorite of mine that I’ve been to on several splitboarding missions. I named my company after the Bristlecone trees there cuz they are super rad.

    The “some gnar” photo that is posted above, shows the main (lookers left in the photo) and alternate fork of the run called The Ditch, off the the top of Jeff Davis Peak, into the permanent snowfield (used to be classified a glacier) in the cirque. To give perspective that photo shows only about the upper 20% of The Ditch. Dan wasatchsurf and I rode that shot in settled winter powder one time which required starting skinning at 7300′. Long day but absolutely nobody else in the entire Park that weekend. One of my fave runs ever.

    There’s a couple other progressively steeper shots deeper in the cirque on the way to Wheeler Peak that McLean et al dubbed Vortex, Cortex, and Alien. There’s also good lower angle treed shots in the Stella Lake and Bald Mtn area that we rode during sketchy winter storm conditions one time. When and if GBNP ever gets another big snow year, I’ll be back.

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    SDmarkus, that probably was me. Small world indeed.

    Bucky, starting at the winter trailhead does make for a long day but Im thinking that early spring when its still filled in pretty good would be the ideal time to go there. the terrain just doesn’t make for good bushwacking. It probably took me just as long to get up jeff davis starting at 9900 feet as it did starting at 7800 a month ago.

    I also want to basically do the baker/Johnson loop on splitboard. Camping in the old mine buildings would be pretty cool.

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    @SwitchBack – JJones himself just rode hi this zone. Check out the article.
    If I knew how to embed videos, I would. . .

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    HOLY COW that worked. . . the first time!!!
    I just copied-and-pasted the vimeo url.

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