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    I’ve had a few people ask what happened to this TR so I’ve decided to repost.

    With limited time before my first child is born I wanted to do a trip to remember. So Vince(dastarddownhill) and I decided to spend 6 days in the Waldie lake area of Kootenay pass. We invited along Adam, Dr. Nic, and Wade (Treepilot). Adam and nic were able to stay for 4 days while Wade could only make two.

    Day one was just a hike in and set up camp day. We got a late start so only the runs to camp were accomplished.

    Day two started with a lap in the trees directly above the lake in great powder. The next climb was up to the northernmost summit of Wolf Ridge, where we cut off a VW sized cornice to east facing slope. After some deliberation Wade talked us into checking out The Cleft. A feature I’ve been looking at for awhile. A short sketchy downclimb brought us to the entrance where the line was ripped by all. It was not nearly as steep as I had thought but still plenty of pitch to be enjoyable.

    The Cleft.

    Myself Climbing to the Summit. (photo by Vince)

    Cornice Cutting 101.(photo Vince)


    About to drop.


    Day three was deep! This was the day that Wade had to head out…..but not before a couple laps. We climbed up the west side of the lake to go check out a sweet looking chute we later called the sphincter. But on our way there we got distracted by a fun looking Y couloir. We climbed to the top where I set up for pics while Wade ripped the right hand side then Adam followed. Vince and Nic then ripped the left hand side followed by me following Wades line to the right. Despite two other tracks it was still face shots the whole way down.
    We then proceeded to the top of the Sphincter Chute where it was ripped top to bottom at mach speeds. F*#cking fun! After some hot soup we said good bye to Wade then headed up to some more fun. A north facing run full of everything from wide open to glades to chutes was on the menu for the afternoon. Then back to camp to cut wood and eat dinner.

    Treepilot Rippin Right

    The Sphincter Chute (sorry rode it too fast to take action pics)

    North Facing Run Full of Everything.

    Chute Feature in Said Run. I’m not kidding this run had a little of everything! (Vince Photo)

    Day four was the day we had to say good bye to Dr. Nic and Adam. But not before a lap above the lake. Vince and I had planned on grabbing the South Sister but got distracted by some chutes. The first one being an east shot where we parted ways with Adam and Nic. After a cornice drop we deemed the run good to go. Face shots at high speeds made for a great way to start the morning. We named the run Breakfast Chute. After climbing the ridge to the south we looked for a feasible way to link back to the lake. Everything looked fun but we weren’t sure if anything went. After some deliberation we said fuck it and picked a line…..Good choice. A fun south facing chute brought us just below a skin track we made the day before. We climbed back up to the top of the Breakfast chute and dropped back to the lake via amazing wide open glades. Some soup and coffee and we were recharged for a dusk run in the glades above the lake.

    Vince having breakfast.

    I like breakfast.

    Vince not caring if it goes or not.

    Still not caring.

    It went.


    Just about to drop after sunset. It was dark by the time we hit the bottom.

    Nighttime around camp

    Day five was a bit of a sufferfest but well worth it. Vince and I decided to bag a chute off of Mt. Waldie. I’ve been looking at this mountain for about five years and always wondered when I would get it. We made an early start and were dropping our first line shortly after seven. This is where the walking began. We contour around several bowls and ridges until we reached the start of the horseshoe ridge that makes up Mt. Waldie. The winds were howling but the sun was out. After circumnavigating the ridge up and over the false summit, we were on top. We took a few turns down the north ridge towards our line where I cut of a decent sized slab which dropped down to the west. Luckily our chute was east facing! We proceeded to rip the shit out of our line then finished it off through the trees to valley bottom 3700ft below the summit. That’s unheard of in the West Kootenays. In all fairness the last 600ft sucked! After a long walk back to camp we settled in for dinner, doobies, and chess. Mission accomplished.

    Mt. Waldie. True summit is on the right. Our line was the chute lookers right of the summit.

    No joke. The wind was howling.

    Summit shot.

    Vince exiting the first leg of the run. You can see the winds howling above!

    Life is good!

    On our sixth day Vince and I opted for an easy day walking out. We climbed up to pristine pass where we had our only run of the day. Being Adam drove and was gone, we hitched a ride back to Salmo. All and all………good times.

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    Gee, I wish i lived there and got to ride that sick terrain. Oh wait, I do! Nice re-post Dave!

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