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    After a long day up north I was inclined to sleep in a bit. Despite invites from squirrell99 who was on a mission to conquer Red Mountain and successfully did so, I slept in till 6am. So my objective for the day was a mellow tour somewhere close. Preston and Alex would join me today for a tour of the terrain south of Crystal Mt. After meeting at the Safeway in Enumsnatch we set off under blue skies and what promised to be another bluebird day. By 8:45 the 3 of us were skinning under chair 4 and soon found ourselves stripping layers before skating along the cat track into Silver Basin.

    Skinning up Silver Basin…

    As our skin track switched back thru down tracks we all noticed how in some areas 6-8” slabs remained on this northerly aspect. We gained the saddle, took a brief break and followed it with southerly gladed run down to the upper Crystal Lakes basin. The snow, unblemished, silky smooth with an already existing crust that was softened by the sun. The boards carved like a hot knife thru butter before penetrating what was left of the consolidating powder beneath. Shaded areas still held creamy crust free consolidated powder.


    3way Peak…

    Hmmm…creamy I exclaimed. Now let’s go check out Morse Creek drainage. Upon arriving dissappointment was soon replaced by a smile that a skin track had already been set from the prior day but right up gut of a nice run itself. Took a lap on a southeast aspect and found identical conditions as our first run. Another lap on a northeast aspect yeilded anywhere from 6-12” of powder on top of a smooth forming base.



    On our skin out we checked out this northwest aspect that didn’t see any sun during our stint. I found a couple inches of surface slab up on top but it soon gave way to smooth boot deep windbuffed powder.



    If you close enough I think he’s smiling or sticking his tongue out??


    Preston lost in thought…

    Not wanting to skin back up and take the already steep, debris covered traverse track back to 3way, the 3 of us skinned out from the lake. Switchbacks to the left were the most rewarding as the sun started to take its affect on the surrounding terrain. Just before gaining the final 40ft or so to the saddle Squirrell99 called. We did Red Mountain and it was sick. The background sounds of bar bantor and the thought of beer sliding satisfingly down my throat was enough motivation to seek that last bit of powder on a steep line and rail it to the Elk.


    Moon rise…

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    Damn, I wish I would have stayed in Wa a little longer before moving down to Tahoe, coverage is looking great up there….nice pics though, thanks for the dose of morning stoke.

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    Killin’ it. 👿

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    Nice work!!!

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    Lookin good snoslut! 🙂

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    If you look close enough I think he’s smiling or sticking his tongue out??

    Definitely smiling 🙂

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