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    Eli and Eric skinning…

    After many unreal tours so close to the nest it was time to take the step and venture north. Afterall I was beginning to suffer from southern exposure. So how far north?? Baker.

    I was accompanied today by Eli and his buddy Captian Henry. We started skinning from the Heather lot under creamy blue skies with our sites set on Coleman Pinnacle. Unfortunately my batteries were on the verge of death so I snapped what I could when I could. Was really kicking myself as the sun started to set while dropping our line out to the car and the camera blinked those words “change batteries”.

    Regarding stability, surprisingly not an issue today. With the sun there were some point releases near cliffbands and sporadic formations of small surface slabs in windy areas.

    My face still hurts from either smiling or sunburn or a bit of both. The quesi feeling of of satisfaction set in after enjoying powder in their various states and depths. Hmmm there was the creamy powder (aka: chowder) or the wind etched chalk. Top it off with some smooth shaded windbuff and there you have it…a recipe for goodness. Also add in some terrain features like gullies, rollers, natural trannys and it wasn’t long before one lost him/herself.

    I’m still kicking myself at the end of this trip report for not bringing extra batteries. At least I didn’t forget my sd card.

    On the way out stopped by Bob’s Burgers and Brew to enjoy the scenery and eat of course.

    Here’s what I got…

    The landscape on the drive up…

    Skier on Table…



    Looking back…

    Mt Shuksan…

    Skinning again…

    At least I didn’t make the same mistake twice and remembered to pack extra batteries for Sundays outing somewhere in Crystal’s bc…tr coming soon!

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    Niiice. Cool pictures,the terrain looks nice-and creamy.

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    oh man i miss that place…here i am waiting for snow 😕

    north side of Ptarmigan peak looks freakin sick right now. someone hit that for me!

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    Really beautiful shots – thanks!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Very nice !!!

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    Damn. 👿

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    I’m really regretting that I didn’t get more bc runs in when I lived there. It was just always so good inbounds! I still hiked the arm, hemis, and table a bunch but never got much farther out. The backcountry there is endless! I’m planning on getting up there during the LBS so maybe a few BC days are in order.
    Looks like the weather was amazing after the big storm. What a perfect day for a tour![/quote]

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    Sweet features and terrain. The snowpack looks steller! Thanks!

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