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    Maybe Bones should have challenged sir ball bag to a ball punching contest….I’ve never seen a man take so many shots to the baby maker, and complete the texting-whilst-shit faced-snowy sketchy pass driving challenge unscathed….I got a bag full of hugs for the big gaw dern samsquanch! But we can’t talk about Bonez….PssssT He’s a skiier ;P

    You gotta realize…there are just assholes in the world…always will be. Eff Em In The A ….. If they want to be a miserable sack of ass snacks… Cest La Vie

    Nice work tho Bush…keep that ass clown off FOS.



    eeeewwww. I’m honored that David Fuckoff is using my photo.

    Ecobrad and Sanfrantastico – trying to figure out what to do with this stuff. 🙂


    What a D-bag David Gottorff! I like skiing…. Its good when flat and boring

    And check that fb page… wow! He is flat and boring, he comments on his own posts and is the sole commentator lol


    lots of educational stuff on that page.
    I learned that HFT is a cyberbully

    Matt Wood

    Interesting. Friends of the San Juans removed there board of directors off there web page. I really wish I had saved Davids PM’s he sent me before he deleted them.


    might be from the derogatory post about the LBGT community on that not so funny anymore facebook page

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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