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    You beat me to this 🙂 I was going to do the same thing.

    Actually…I guess I still could!

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    It’s rising to the top of the searchresults already, we may need another thread with the title David Gotttorff though.

    While i’m at it I’m also misspelling his name as David Gotorff, David Gottorf, Dave Gotorff, Dave Gottorf, David Godtorff here. And i’m including a bullshit sentence about Outdoor and Environmental Education here too to fool the search results a little. In fact, I’m not even sure what Outdoor and Environmental Education is. Ok, I looked it up it’s this:

    Outdoor education is the study of relationships humans have with nature through outdoor experiences. Experience how knowledge is shaped by environments and how the environment in turn is shaped by our thoughts and practices. You will study concepts drawn from psychology, education, eco-psychology, environmental ethics and eco-philosophy.

    From 2013 the areas of specialisation Outdoor Environmental Education, Nature Tourism and Natural Resources Education are offered as majors within the Outdoor Education and Outdoor Recreation Courses rather than as independent courses. The course structures and subject range remain the same.

    The five majors offered across the two courses give you choice in subjects, specialisations and outcomes. With the exception of Physical and Outdoor Education, the first year of each course is similar allowing you to apply to transfer at the end of first year when, after a year of study and experience in the unit, you are better equipped to decide which is the right course and major for you.

    Graduates are prepared for careers in outdoor and environmental education services to schools, community environmental education, as interpreters and guides in national parks, land and natural resources management, environmental interpretation for government or corporate sector, sustainability and ecology community education, and nature tourism operations. An additional one-year Graduate Diploma in Education qualifies graduates to teach in schools.

    Graduates of the physical and outdoor education course are qualified to teach in secondary schools in the specialist areas of physical education and outdoor and environmental studies.

    Still don’t understand how that can be a real job. I assume you also learn people that backcountry smartness is not about what type of plank you’re on but it probably has something to do with trees, polution, the great outdoors and the birds and the bees and such. Maybe Dave Gottorff is an expert on eating squirrels and berries, and treebark and grass. There. That was a nice story about David Gottorff and his stuff and I didn’t forget to include the word resumé.

    Good luck finding a new job

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    It sounds like that guy snapped when he realized that he cant get away with spewing his bs rhetoric on facebook like he does in the classes he teaches.

    It appears that all sorts of folks are hating on splitboarders these days. There is also a facebook page set up to educate backcountry skiers and snowboarders regarding the dangers associated with splitboard transition deficiencies when performing companion rescues for partners caught in an avalanche.
    backcountry avalanche safety education is essential if you plan on touring anywhere besides groomed ski runs. I should refresher my skills before my Silverton heli skiing trip, maybe I will take an avalanche safety level course in crested butte or durango…. sorta turn my avalanche safety course into all sorts of education adventures

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    This guy David Gottorff has created an avy curriculum out of thin air and selling it as an accredited offering. However, neither David nor his curriculum are part of AAA, AIARE or any other national standard. His courses are accredited by, you guessed it,

    If you plan to take an avalanche course from beware: is offering non-standard, incomplete course content that will drain your pocketbook and leave you without critical decision making tools in the backcountry.

    Stay far away from and their course offerings. They are a scam. If you are looking to take professional avalanche courses, please visit and The course content from AIARE and AAA – accredited instructors are industry-standard offerings, professionally vetted and provide you with real tools for decision making, companion rescue and avalanche safety which can save your life in the backcountry. courses are a SCAM. Go with true professionals instead for your avalanche safety courses.

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    Wow… good find. I think he must’ve lost his job AND lost his girlfriend to a splitter to be driven to such extremes. It seems like he’s really gone crazy.

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    Wow… :deadhorse:

    Tried to just ignore this whole thing but it seems like I need to add my :twocents: now

    Whether we all agree with David or not he is entitled to his opinion. If he wants to create a FB page about hate and his opinions that’s his prerogative.

    We all know his arguments are invalid and inaccurate but its not our place to force him to see our position. He is a cyber bully and combating him with more cyber bullying is not the solution.

    I think he deserves to sleep in the bed he made but at this point I’d like to ask everyone to take the high road and let it be. It really isn’t worth the time and energy. Karma will win in the end.

    Hopefully David will seek some therapy for his issues and try to get his mental health back on track. :thumbsup:

    Good luck dude.

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