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    Ever since the TPR trip in April something has been hauting me. I needed to drop this…

    So with visions of steep corn in my head I called up Dave (Fullers2oh) and plans were made to meet at the Momart on Friday night. I had been off for a week having a good time with Wysplit in San Diego and thought a trip to Tioga would cap off a nice week off work. I made it to the Momart at 8 and no sign of Dave. I ate, farted around and decided Dave may be late, so I went up to check things out before the sun went down.
    The Destination was looking a little sketchy

    I saw alot of Rocks, suncups and Avy debris. But it looked like a line could be draw through. I was ready. Looking around things looked ripe for harvest. False White looked so good.

    I pulled off at Saddlebag Lake and began to set up the Sierra Hotel, my borrowed camper shell. Soon Dave arrived , plans were hashed out and we were ready for bed. We rose at 6 , made coffee and drove Daves truck down to Ellery Lake for the Shuttle.
    We pulled into the parking lot at Tioga Lake and naturally a few others had the same plan as us.

    We greeted people ( in case of a wet slide these may be the people who dig me out) and asked about others plans. All were going to Mt. Dana. We dawned our packs and had a couple of Telemarkers take our picture.

    As we hiked up I remebered all the powder we had tasted on Mt. Gaylor. It still had some nice coverage.

    The snow was frozen and sun cupped so we decided hiking would be faster than trying to skin

    As we came out of the trees we met up with the two Tele guys who took our picture in the parking lot. Their names were Jim and T.J. a couple of nice guys from San Clemente. So our party had doulbled as we went up. Dave , T.J. and Jim on the way up

    The California Sun was in full swing…great weather for a mountain day

    Jim on the way

    This was the first time I had been up Dana but I knew we would see the Solstice Couloir before we reached the top. When we got there I had to check it out. I knew from BCD pics the cornice would be huge. I took this shot and wished I had the nads to drop that nasty cornice that BCD and Brian had nailed

    Looking down the throat of the thing, it looked like fun…again except for the cornice from hell.

    Oh well someday I hope. We continued up and soon hit that sign that says ” your here”

    The locals were hanging out on the reef.

    coverage is looking good all around

    Dave on top

    We strapped in and rode down from the top. As I said I had never been here before and didnt know you could ride down the east ridge into Dana Couloir. That was a nice suprise I thought we would be hiking . After a few turns we made it to the entrance to the couloir

    I dropped first so I could set up for some filming. God it was GOOD. corn city . I was followed by TJ then Jim and Dave dropped last . Hoots were all I head as each person flew by . I was blinded by the white reflecting from their smiles. Now, Im saving the riding footage to put in the pile of “to do videos” So we will have to wait for that. We rode down and gathered at the bottom of the apron . What a ride.

    We discussed hiking to the top of Solstice when we were on top, but looking from below it didnt look worth it. Or maybe we got lazy…or scared

    We had a little lunch at the bottom of the run near the lake

    After lunch and a rest we started the skin to Dana plateau. After about an hour we were at our next target

    As we got right up to the drop point, It looked a little sketchy. Small cornice entrance at an angle. After convincing some of the party it was safe and doable..I dropped in. Good snow again. Had to go around a few rocks , but a great ride. I stopped to film in the apron. I hoped the Gods were with me because I didnt want the cornice to come down on me.

    Everyone made the drop and had a great time going down. Looking back I was glad I finally got to ride the Ellery Bowl.

    It was a great day with good corn . I tok a shot for DJ and Company at Voile’. Thanks again for the ride

    We shuttled TJ and Tim back up and had the traditional after ride safety meeting

    We then drove down to Mammoth to get ready for sunday in the hot spring

    Another great day at Tioga in the bag

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    DUDE! What happened to all the dirt around the hotspring?
    I never stopped last winter but it looks like its going to give out.
    Crab cooker broke still?

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    Crab cooker and wild bills are still on, this is a new one Dave took me to its called the shepards pool. Nice and Hot

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    Sweet dude! Way to go hitting both of those. Though the snow didn’t look too great in Ellery… sure wish we could’ve dropped that at TPR in April.

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    Nice job 420!

    ellery bowl looks really easy from the road, but it’s actually pretty sporty up high eh?

    yeah, solstice is always like that with the big cornice. I froze solid while pondered that drop for a good 30 minutes my first time. I finally got the courage after a teledude dropped it, stopped and called up to his little mini dog to drop in. I stood there while the dog whimpered, (i felt the same inside), then finally aired it out. after the dog finally did, i had no choice but to follow suit Damn peer pressure:) every year since, that seems to be the conditions it gets skied in.

    great meeting you at the momart gathering a few weekends ago.


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    Cool TR 420. Looks like I got up to the pass after you left.

    Why did you go all the way up to Bridgeport to the Momart? 😉 ❓

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    Nice report p420! 8)

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    I got a nice little video, but Im looking for a better encoder. As a dvd (vob file) its 745 meg, but so far I got it down to 3.3 meg, too small. Im looking for something in between. Anyone have suggestions on software to buy? Im using Adobe priemere pro, but it seems all my encoding option are all windows 8 and 9. I dont think I have an mpeg encoder. , But I did get a whippet pole for fathers day.

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    @patroller420 wrote:

    But I did get a whippet pole for fathers day.

    That’s so sweet… beats getting a necktie any day. Nice to know they prefer you have some backup on those icy traverses.

    Great TR – I’m glad you’re still getting it!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Hey, the south swell is here

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    Oh! F*ing sweet! Now I wish I hadn’t burned all my sick days riding powder. Seemed like such a good idea at the time, though… I hope you get your share!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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