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    Not really a BC trip, but thought I would share some photos. For NYE the wife and I, Kyle and his friend Jesse hiked up to the top of the Crystal Mt ski area to watch (or try to watch) the fireworks. The blue moon decided to come out for the hike up and kept us from needing headlamps. The snowcats were out grooming out on our way up so we had fresh groomers by headlamp for the ride down. A fun way to spend an evening.

    Photo didn’t come out that great unfortunately. Blue Moon rising.

    Summit house and top of Rainier Express.

    Summit house and top of Rainier Express. Kyle and Jesse.

    Summit house and Blue Moon

    Summit house and Blue Moon

    Powder Bowl, The King and Three Way Peak.

    Some fireworks shots.


    Very cool! I am envious.

    I was hoping for clearer skies with the blue moon. Looks like you scored.


    Cool night shots!


    Sick shots, too bad Rainier didn’t poke her (his?) head out for ya!


    Yeah, I was really hoping that when the moon came out is was clear over by Rainier, but it wasn’t.

    Kyle Miller

    As always great shots John. Both Jessie and myself had a blast.
    Hopefully I will be kicking this cold soon and we can get some BC lines.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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