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    This is my first TR on Headed out with TopherVW and Gilbert to Silver Basin from Crystal Mountain after a few feet of light fluffy snow fell in the mountains. It was bitter cold and windy as well, but the snow was deep and we have been deprived of snow up until this storm. So it was good to get out and enjoy the kind of snow that more often falls in the Rockies than in the PNW.
    Only a few pics because the camera froze up.

    Breaking Trail Was Rough

    Chris and the White Wave

    Chris up to his waist in powder

    Despite all of our water valves freezing and the subzero temps, overall it was still a good day.


    Thanks for posting Dan. beat me to it.

    It was cold
    It was windy
    It was deep :bananas:
    It was a popular spot!

    Looks like the next front is coming in tomorrow, and another for the weekend!
    Drink tubes were not the way to hydrate Sunday…

    Good to bump into you Stugie and Kyle…what does this weekend hold?




    How were the avy conditions?


    I did not experience any instability. But another report on TAY from the same area said they encountered shooting cracks and small sloughs.


    cool, looks fun :bananas: Figured with the abnormally cold temps that the snowpack would be acting a bit diff than usual

    Kyle Miller

    It was cool meeting you guys and welcome to
    We did have some stability issues on Sunday.
    while skinnning up a chute facing NE I felt the snow compact and a crack formed about 10 feet above us so we turned around.
    Finally its winter again here in washington
    As for this weekend ??
    Probably working for the ski school sunday
    as for today I need some rest

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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