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    I’ve been away from snowboarding for the past month with a back injury so when I got the “go ahead” from my chiropractor I was amped and ready. My friend Adam picked up a splitboard this year (having been touring the bc on tele skis for the past decade) and he and I got out to a favorite local project.

    Being springtime we started out in the rain, moved into sleet, then snow, and ultimately up top to sun and a little wind. Multiple snowpits revealed ECT 7 Q2 but after a ski cut and careful treading through the first two pitches we weren’t able to actually bust the slab off. Snow was good up high and got sticky and slow the farther down we went. This could have been avoided if we’d have gotten an early start methinks.

    Stream crossing

    Approaching “the crux”


    In “the crux”


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