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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


    I LOVED this video—outstanding work!!!! :disco: Great footage, editing, and story. I also loved the tune—do you mind passing along the artist and song title?


    So glad you liked it. The song is Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem. I really should update the vid with that info at the end too.

    I did some tweaks to the video, mostly by correcting the exposure in the snow scenes and I added an animated map of the route in the beginning and reuploaded to vimeo.


    Jones snowboards put the vid up on their blog along with a somewhat chest-thumping blurb (typical ad copy, I suppose). But in the video I basically only totally dominate every bunny slope along the length of Kodiak. 🙄 The really embarrassing part is that it is right next to JJ truly shredding some 60-degree spine in the Himalayas. The contrast is pretty funny. 😆


    Great video. Les Stroud couldn’t do better. Looked like some good corn!


    Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing


    I have to say I rate TR reports by how much they get me up and out there wanting to do it, this one is right up there.
    Good job all around.


    Setting the bar for reports here, interesting music and great filming.


    Awesome Vid Philip!

    Whats pack did you end up getting? looks great


    @IrishGav wrote:

    Whats pack did you end up getting

    It’s a Hyperlight Mountain Gear (HMG) Porter in the 4400 size. It’s a roll top, so it sort of gets rolled down or unrolled to match your load. It has a very simple suspension, but carries pretty well. I added the HMG front pocket option for my shovel, skins, and some clothes. I also added some side pockets by Zimmerbuilt Packs for a water bottle and other crap I wanted to reach while underway. I’d run this setup again (in fact I already have).


    Best TR of the year! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing! The under arm board carry is awesome. I cant wait to try that next time I’m ‘shwacking.

    Like BGnight said, very Les Schroud-esque. Thanks for putting the effort into filming that. I usually don’t watch videos. I feel a write up and pictures tell a better story but you proved me wrong.

    What kind of mileage and elevation did you put under you?
    How much fuel did you go through?

    The only complaint I have is there was a little too much man-dex and bulge footage in the first few minutes. 😀

    Other than that well done.


    It was about 60 miles and roughly 23k feet of vert, if google earth is to be believed. The ironic thing about ski touring (if you are in pure travel mode, as I was) is that you try to change elevation as little as possible. I was not looking for long or interesting runs, I was trying to have to avoid serious climbs to save energy for grinding out as many miles as possible. I suppose I could take longer to do the route and put more emphasis on riding, but I have come to realize that I really suck at taking it easy and enjoying my BC trips in a recreational sense, be they on skis, hiking, sea kayaking, or whatever. I usually plod forward like a dude possessed until I fall down exhausted and sleep. Then I get up early and do it again, and again, until I get to the ‘end’.

    Hard to say what my fuel consumption was. I started with a partial 100g canister which had about 60g of fuel left, and that ran out on the second day, at which point I switched to a bigger, new 230g canister. It still had fuel in it at the end and I used that same canister on an overnighter with my wife and it still did not run out despite melting a fair bit of snow, so I am going to make a wild guess and say 75g of fuel per person per day if all the water you get is through melting with a hot breakfast and rehydrated dinner. In the summers I know I use 15-20g of fuel per day, so a lot less.

    Sorry about the codpiece. I’ll wear a modesty gourd next time. 8)


    Fantastic Philip!


    Great traverse and nice camera work and editing. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventure. Feeling inspired now.


    Strong work


    ak- You are living my dream! that was amazing touring and dreamy visuals! the work with the gopro was amazing, so many different angles and the still camera work was genius. Super impressed with that video! going to go watch it again!


    Sweet ski carrying method! any close up photos of how you did it? cool trip and video! actually had my attention for 6mins!


    Thanks for all the very kind feedback. I’m glad you guys were entertained. 😀

    Here’s the scoop on the carry. My pack has a vertical daisy chain along each side of the pack body. This is pretty unusual, but it would be pretty easy to add one on most packs if you have some webbing and a decent sewing machine. The daisy chain needs to be about half way up the pack, or perhaps a little lower, and extend just wider than the waist of the ski. I slide the ski inside the shoulder strap, lay it across the pack with the touring bracket lined up with the daisy chain, and then do a double loop over the ski using an 18″ Voile strap. Very simple, really. The shoulder strap keeps the skis from swinging out to the side, and the ski balances nicely front-to-back because it is held near the touring bracket balance point. Hope that helps. Cheers.

    C balke

    Philip, awesome trip report!! All of the solo camera angles alone took a lot of work. You live in an amazing place with incredible terrain. Now I’m all motivated with no winter in sight..

    How does the light weight MH pack holdup? I fondled one in their showroom but questioned how well it would last.


    @Cbalke wrote:

    How does the light weight MH pack holdup? I fondled one in their showroom but questioned how well it would last.

    Not so hot. I have a few HMG packs. They are fine for basic backpacking and hiking, but not so good around sharp or pokey stuff like steel edges, crampons, and busting brush. The main body is 50d cuben and the bottom is 150d. I think the newer HMG Porter packs are all-150d, and that would help. Next time I think I will use my Paradox Packs Unaweep. It carries brilliantly with a better suspension and frame design than the HMG packs and the X-Pac VX21 fabric (which is a 4-layer laminate) is excellent. I have used it on my recent packrafting trips:

    Link—->Packrafting around Shuyak Island



    I’ve been saving this video until the season comes closer (so I don’t get too stoked during summer when I can’t ride).

    DAMN Phil! Super nice video! Great filmed as well! Now I am super stoked!


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