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    Woke up today feeling a little sore from a huge day in Montezuma area worth at least 8K. I was thinking about a line off a big peak. I just got some new crampons and ice axe that needed to be broken in as well. Not feeling like driving too far I was looking to ride local. Quandary which is about 15 miles from my house sounded like a good plan. Being solo i thought a quick stroll up the east ridge would do.

    Living in Fairplay, Co i often drive Hwy 9 over Hoosier Pass to go riding. Every time i have reached the summit i have my eyes fixed on this peak:

    I started off by 8:30 with my Mr. Chomps engaged up the south slopes from the Monte Cristo trailhead and in not too long ended up on the ridge looking toward the summit and the east bowl:

    After switching over to booting to try out my new BD Neve’s I made a steady pace up to the summit to a nice mellow breeze and beautiful sights all around. I wouldn’t mind checkin out a few of these lines this spring:

    Well… i reached the summit just after 11 for a 2 1/2-3 hr acsent. Here is a summit pic of yours truly with South Park and my home over my right shoulder:

    After enjoying a few more sights i switched my board over and decided to downclimb into Cristo Couloir to have a look and dig a pit. All things seemed pretty darn good… couldn’t get my CT to move till really pounding on it well beyond 30. This is when my day went from good to great! Having not wanting to pressure myself into the line I left my board at the summit before I dug my pit. SO i had to hike back up some 200′ to go get it. After getting my board and some more downclimbing due to a very rocky section it was shred on!

    No action pics since i wanted to shred the whole 2500′ top to bottom! Here is a shot looking up at some of the fastest and best turns i’ve had to date!

    The snow was mostly pow over a firm crust and excellent conditions for the line. After getting to the bottom a switched over and split skiied down Blue Lakes Road all the way back to the trailhead. Great day in the Colorado high country and great to be back above 14,000′. Spring peak season seems to be on its way around here! One last shot of the line. It is going down from the summit 14,265 (although i did have to downclimb to consistant snow) to the left all the way to the valley below.

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    nice solo. encourages me to consider a solo myself soon. happy shredding & thx for the pics.


    I hadn’t planned on this line solo… but the stars aligned and it was on! Check out Utah’s TR’s he is often a solo machine. Fun line… now i am off to jackson tomm 19-21, then to the Bell Lake Yurt 22-24, then Bozeman till 4/2! Only to come back to ColoRADo and go to the Crested Butte Mtn Guides Spring Ski Mountaineering Course! Can’t wait and hopefully i run into some new friends in Montana! L8 John

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    then to the Bell Lake Yurt 22-24

    you won’t be dissappointed with the terrain unless you’re not into steep, tight couloirs, open bowls, or tons of options if you get sick of those. Haven’t stayed at the yurt but used to hit that area quite frequently. have fun :guinness:

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    i’m a rookie on computers and this board. how do i check out Utah TR stuff? i’ve been snowboarding for over 20 yrs though, splitting now for about two weeks. HOOKED to say the least. i used to solo travel the snowshoe way but splitting sure is faster. with recent media talk about avalanche here and ava. there has made me a little more cautious. good to see some get out solo somtimes. btw. your schedule sure sounds fun and rewarding. all the best. :guinness:


    I was just referring to UTAH on the message board. Scroll down a few
    pages and you will see a handfull of TR’s he’s done. Can’t wait for the trip tomm! Bell Lake from the pics i have seen does look quite inviting! I’ll put up a mega TR when i get back. L8

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    That’s a great line. Looks like you had a awesome bluebird day too

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    that was awesome!

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