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    Made it over to CB last weekend to go make some turns in the High Country. This was the 1st outing since my Knee injury back in March. The Ole knee was fine but boy my turns needed a little help. I guess riding dinner plate sized sun cups along with runnels is not as easy as I remembered. Oh well, it was great to get out and walk around the alpine. Also please welcome the new addition to the crew, little Oden, the lab/husky mix pup. We took him all over the hills and he had a blast. Thanks to Jer for the wonderful hospitality at the Casa Del Viking.

    Jeremy Wegner

    MF Peaches

    Nice little waterfall

    Oden, the new team playa!! This little fella is gonna be a great riding partner!!

    Big bro Izzy and little bro Oden… Look close at Odens head, Izzy munched him pretty hard when he was first brought home, I think he has one hot pink stitch in the side of his head and these are the few shots where he is not wearing the cone, aka Lamp Shade.

    Nap time!! We really worked him over with all the hiking, he would lay down and sleep every second you would give him.

    1st turns since my knee injury!! I was so timid and afraid that my patella was going to pop out again, but thanks to all of the Mntn Biking the rehab has come along just nicely. I still felt stiff and a bit out of control, but I am heading back again this weekend to try it all over again.

    Jer and Oden getting ready to drop it like it’s HOT!!!

    Jer and K9 crew take a little trip to an old place we like to call Schralptown!!

    A few more turns

    Our tracks above

    A good day all around!!!


    Cool Dog! Nice to see some fresh CO stoke. Where is that near the Butte? CB is my favorite place on EARTH. Anyway, I think I’m going to try to get some shred this weekend, Thinking about Peak 10 4th of July bowl, but it is looking kinda nasty since wet slides came down the entire thing.


    Nice Looking PUP! Cant believe he rode inside the backpack calmly.

    But Please, get Him and the other dog a collar with your name and number.
    I think that guy that lost his Husky out there is pretty sorry he didnt put a collar on his partner

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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