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    I just moved to Crested Butte and with the snow starting to pile up now, I’m out on the lookout for some experienced backcountry partners! If you live here that’s great, or if you’re just here for a visit I’d be stoked to meet up for a tour. Splitters, skiers, I don’t care.

    I moved here from Ouray, where I’ve been for the previous 9 years riding all over Red Mountain Pass and the San Juans. I’ve been riding for over 20 years and have tons of experience in the CO backcountry, assessing avy danger, being safe, and having fun.

    I’m looking forward to meeting people in the CB area and exploring all the mountains around here! Give me a shout!

    ~ Jack


    I’m down that way from time to time. I’ll have to hit you up and get out for a tour when i’m in town. Been touring the area for several yrs and have an access sled to get further back to the goods! Was out yesterday around schofield pass and found some great supportable pow.
    L8 John


    Hi Jack!
    Great to see such excitement for splitboarding in this beautiful region from such an experienced person. I am very interested in being very involved with splitboarding in the crested butte area this winter, having spent a season last year instructing in taos and exploring the backcountry in the wheeler peak wilderness. I have secured a job instructing at crested butte this winter and i am actively searching for housing which is proving difficult. If you would be interested in helping me enter this community by looking out for any room shares or housing opportunities please send me an email at This winter will be great in sure and i would love to join you in the adventure! Thank you

    Andrew Schrader

    Hey man,
    I’ll be in crested butte the week of new years riding the resort, side, or backcountry. I have a split setup and taken avy 1. In need of a backcountry partner if you’re around that week. In Silverton weekend after new years and Telluride the week after if you have any beta.



    Thanks L8 John, Eric, and Andrew! Look forward to meeting you guys and shredding some pow! Don’t forget to hit me up when you’re in the area!

    L8 John — yeah I think a sled would be a very useful tool around here!

    Eric — yep, housing is tough around here. I’ll keep an eye out. We discovered during our rental search that pretty much the main places to look are the local newspaper classifieds (also online, and they refresh every Thursday, so be sure to check first thing on Thursdays) as well as Craigslist. Also it could be useful to talk to some of the property management companies in town, such as Peak Properties or Crested Butte Property Management — that’s how we eventually found our place.

    Andrew — sounds good, give me a holler closer to that time!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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