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    So I know some of you do the whippet/ice ace in hand descent. While the ability to self arrest in certain conditions is a good idea…..I hate riding with stuff in my hands. That’s part of the reason I like snowboarding so much more than skiing. So I’m thinking what about wolverine style claws. Of course they’d be fully extended all the time. I’m thinking just under finger length. They would be flush with your fingers when the hand is open and when you need to self arrest you make a fist and punch the ground.


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    Great thinking outside the box, but I feel it would be difficult to get your bodyweight into the claws to self arrest. That is one big advantage of an ice axe. Give it a go and test in safe conditions!

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    People who do a lot of avy control work use an elbow self arrest move to stop on the bed surface after popping a slab with a ski cut. They basically lay down on their uphill side, put their uphill elbow against the snow and form a fist with that hand and then use an open hand on the downhill side they smack their fist to punch their elbow into the snow. I’ve never tried it on a snowboard and the dynamics might suit skiing better but it’s another one to consider.

    I don’t think the wolverine claws will work very well because of the direction of force and not being able to get body weight over the blade(s).

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    I would hate to take a beater and or get into a position where I could get a fistful of metal to the face.

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