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    Any of my fellow dirtbag splitters ever toured the entire rim of Crater lake? I’ve always wanted to do it. Not necessarily for the riding,but some scenic winter camping and…..the place looks sweeet. Though i did hear there was the possibility for turns. Any info would be appreciated.


    i have only seen it in the summer after doing the cream puff. It looked to me like there would be some fun riding. I have been there in the end of june and it looked like there were ski tracks off the sides of some of the slopes and lots of snow in june. We couldn’t even drive on one side of the lake because the road was closed due to snow. Good luck, it sounds real fun.
    😀 Ryon


    oops! As long as I’m double-posting, I might as well add one more shot.
    Mt. Scott as seen from highway 97 – Christmas 2004


    I’ve been wanting to do that as well. Here’s a shot of me on the summit of Mt. Scott.

    Here’s some info


    There is alot of boarding around the lake. I have not circumnavigated in the winter but I have ridden a number of lines in the spring and early summer. Garfield peak east of the visitor center has a number of good lines and easy access. There are also some fun road runs between the visitor center and the employee barracks. Mt Scott is a good option in spring when access is easier, along with some lines off of the north side of the rim. I had a friend who snowshoed around the lake without a board and it took him 3 days. I would suggest 5-6 days to leave time for some good runs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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