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    just wondering for those of you that own the fitwells, which crampons are you rocking. i know i need a semi but after that im getting a little lost from all the choices out there.

    thanks for any info

    Kahti Ryan
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    Until recently I have had Petzl Vasak. Good fit although the heel on the fitwells is kind of wide to accommodate most back bails on semi autos. I cut a little bit off the sides of the heels for a better fit. For an all around mountaineering crampon I think the Vasak is pretty spot on.

    I recently got a pair of petzl lynxes for use on proper ice and mixed. Quite a pain to fit on the fitwells but doable. I flipped the connecting bars as the assym design is too much for these boots and combined with the heel mods above and some playing with front basket positioning managed to get something I was happy with.

    As you can tell I’m quite the petzl fanboy when it comes to crampons. Grivel g12/g14 will fit almost anything as well though but bulkier. Still don’t trust BD crampons since the stainless steel fiasco a few years back. Camp makes some good stuff but hard to come by here so not tested much. My mate uses Camp 10 point basket front and back pons with his fitwells and they’re fine. You don’t “need” semi auto they are just quicker and more secure if you plan on doing anything more than booting snow couloirs.

    Matt Wood
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    I second the Vasaks

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    I am using Petzl Lynx all-round. I had to cut some rubber from heels side and that is. In shop I have tried also various models from grivel but lynx was fitting better. I was also doing some beginner ice-climbing and didn’t had any issues.

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