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    I’ve been lucky enough to avoid serious injury during the splitboard season for many years . . . until recently. I suffered a vertical fracture of the tibial plateua (just below the knee). No surgery, but no weight bearing for a significant amount of time (8 weeks?).

    In the past few weeks since the injury I’ve realized what a large portion of my “free” time has been devoted to splitboarding and splitboarding assisted activtities (shooting photos, shooting timelapses, winter camping etc.) I’ve been filling the time the best I can . . . but I definetly feel the void . . . not to mention some serious cabin fever.

    Any advice on coping with injury and maintaining sanity?

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    I started building splitboard bindings…

    eventually turned into this…

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    Almost 8 months into a knee repair, I have learned:

    Even though you can’t be weight bearing, you can always work on something.
    If you are into any PT, there are always methods to work your muscles, core strength, flexibility, balance, etc – even when stationary.

    You can ALWAYS be improving yourself physically. Look at the next two months as a time to hit those areas which you normally do not touch. Balance, core strength, diet, and flexibility are areas which we never give enough focus to. Each day you don’t do anything to improve yourself physically, is a day lost (or even, a day wasted! 😳 ).

    Those areas have a very positive impact on your physical abilities – although, it takes a lot of time and work to get that return.
    By working on areas in which you don’t normally focus on, there is the possibility of returning physically stronger than you were before your injury (in certain aspects, obv).

    And a lot of gear gawking and re-organizing helps! 😛

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    Last March I had an ankle joint transplant!
    3 months no weight bearing(crutches), 6 months in Boot and 12 months no impact!
    This really sucked.
    I knew what I was in for after 3 ankle reconstructions, and a total of 9 operations on the ankle.
    I used my spare time to organise the first Splitfest in Australia.
    I did do a few sneaky trips at the 9 month mark and took it super easy but went crazy staying in the shop for the winter.
    Also made it hard to shape surfboards with a boot after the first 6 months. foam and sweat in the boot not a good combination!
    12 months on and I have no more pain can walk in the mornings and at night and have 50% range of motion in the ankle.
    I’m stoked but the 12 months of no fun nearly killed me, and now I have to get the body weight back down for the start of the season in 3 months.

    Stay away from the couch and ice cream!!!


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    Get a copy of Garage Band…start making loops, smoke some cheebs…learn to meditate…calm that mind, and that void will be filled.

    Good Luck!

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    Maybe a great time to get all those digital assets organized and backed up. If shooting and content gathering is a hobby, gotta be some gems in there. Coupled with Garage Band (as mentioned above, with special effects) and iMovie (FCP if you know what you’re doin’), you could stoke out family and friends with a personal, original digital creation of some sort (DVD, etc). You could be the hero of the holidays.

    Something for that special someone that you’ve been meaning to do for a while, but could never find the time. I also knitted a beanie for one of my kids while on daddy duty recently, which was actually a lot more fun than it sounds. (Did I really just admit that?) The bonus is, she loves that ugly thing and wears it everywhere.

    First and foremost though, get well soon!

    Do Not:
    Act like David ‘ze douche’ Gottorff


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