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    Well, I’m not much for stopping to photograph on trips nor do I have much patience with the ol’ computer (anyone know a good free pic hosting site other than But work is slow and I bet at least someone out there is itching to see some snow pics.

    My tele buddy and I spent a weekend in Cooke City a while back and were able to get a few less notable runs in. It was mostly a hang-out recon and drink trip but the Henderson Mtn descent was worth posting. Sorry if the size is too big or anything like that…

    Here’s Henderson…

    Dave and Lilly dropping in… The snow was nice. About 2 inches of slick mashed potatos over a good base.

    Here’s the tracks from halfway down, maybe a bit tough to see here…

    Here is a shot of the other goodies that we didn’t get too this time around.

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    Sweet. I love cooke city, sooo many options.

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    Yeah, I spend a lot of time working up there in the snow-free season drooling over lines. This was the first year I’ve been there to ride and it was was cool to see just how many options there are, even so late in the year.

    Me and my work partner did log a few descents on the clock this May but we swore to destroy the photos etc before the bossman could see.

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    cool pics 8)

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