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    Two BC boarders we know have recently become new fathers.

    Zach and Francesca had a baby boy over the weekend. Zach was minorly disappointed that he wasn’t born on 6/6/6 but is excited just the same.

    Pete, aka “182 Surf de neige”, and Ita had a baby girl last Thursday.

    Congratulations to them all!

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    Yeah – congrats! Zach, I read your Denali account last year and I’m stoked for you and your wife.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Way cool! It’s the best. 😀

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    Congrats to you and yours!!! 8)

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    Thanks guys… we are at home… trying to relax a little before the families start showing up 😀

    Mom and baby (Jack) are doing great… he’s eating and pooping like a champ.

    I sent some pics to bcrider, since I don’t have a way to post them.


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    Here are some pics from Zach.

    Lil’ Jack

    Dad resting up after doing all the work. 😉

    Mamma and baby bear.

    Congrats again man!!!

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    Handsome little guy. What did he weigh? How long was he?

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    Cool. The first is scary, but very very cool. Have a blast. And, no, your bc life does not have to end. 😆

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    6 pounds, 14 Ounces…. 19 and 3/4 inches long

    And, for those who know what this means – He scored 9, then 10 on his APGAR scores.


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    Congrats guys.

    Is his middle name Twight? 😀

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    Congratulations! As a dad that is facing the last graduate & empty nesting I can honestly say you’ll never accomplish anything greater – especially if the wee one finds the same passion for the mtns that you have. You’re on the way to the best adventure you’ll ever know.

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    Congratulations Zach & Francesca! Great Timing to moving out of the Winter & into the Summer 🙂

    Hmm what’s next to say .. Keep up the good work Zach 😉

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