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    Any Quebecois splitters out there (or anyone else) have any beta on the current conditions in the Chic Chocs? I’ve been following the avalanche center bulletins, but trying to get more specific info. We’re heading up there at the beginning of March.

    Any info is appreciated…thanks!

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    So far, not a bad season but neither a great one. Still better than southern Quebec & New England.
    They had only one significant thaw around late january. Most rocks and stumps are now covered. I think you cannot go wrong with the avalanche bulletinn which is one of the best source of information. You can follow them also on their facebook page and their picasa photo album.
    I would also recommand to follow Auberge Chic-Chac on facebook. They post often pictures or sequences. Anyhow I wouldn’t worry about the conditions in march. Just be aware that the wind is major factor in destination choice. A lot of the summits are exposed and get wind scoured. And the lee sides gets the slab issues…

    I am heading in a more remote location in Western Chics-Chocs next week-end and will post something on the forum at my return.

    By the way, last year, I spent a few days in the dacks with the crazy snow year in there. And might return when there is going be enough snow to skin in the valleys.

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    Thanks for the link. Great pics, even more stoked now. The ADKS are in rough shape right now, but there is riding to be found in spots. has some good pics and video to check out.

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    I just got back from 3 days in the Western Chic Chocs. Definitely, winter up there. We got 20 cm of fluff during our trip. Only one sign of thaw, late January ice storm under 50 cm of powder snow for a total snow pack of 4 feet at 500 m elev. Local say they are 2 feet behind the average snowpack. We were able to ride most of the tree areas and only one snowfield wasn’t ready yet. Also South/S-E aspect were avoided since we release a size 2 slab avy in a chute that was crossloaded and had several cracks on similar aspects while skinning. So I am not afraid for your trip in March. And if the shitty pattern of weather in the East stays the same, they will definitively get less damage than more southern locations like Greens, Whites or Dacks

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    Just returned from the Gaspe. Riding was all time!! Awesome bluebird Day 1 on Hogs Back and we hit the Grand Couloir, which had slid on Feb 25 or so, but it was still good with a little fresh on top. Day 2 it started snowing hard and we got shut-down by wind and scary slab conditions on Mont Albert, so we hit up Champs de Mars for the afternoon. Day 3 we ran laps on Mt Lyall in bottomless pow and zero visibility…the new tree runs that were cut last year were ridiculously good. Day 4 back to Hogs Back for some tree runs in deep pow.

    Thanks for the info. I’m already planning a return trip for April. Still can’t believe there is terrain like that on the East Coast.



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