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    Splitrippin couldn’t have picked a better time to come visit HikeforTurns and score some Colorado powder. I hooked up with them for three days while most of the mountains were measuring new snow in feet. One of the best powder weekends I can remember. Great to meet you Splitrippin!

    Splitrippin enjoying the skin track even though he’s 10,000ft above home

    HfT laying down the powder slash

    Splitrippin in some perfect trees

    HfT headed up for more


    HfT’s ghost in the white room

    Splitrippin airing it out

    Whenever I head back home to Montana I make sure to bring back some cans of Kettle House Brewery’s Cold Smoke and save them for special occasions.

    Splitrippin getting lost in the whiteroom


    It pretty much didn’t stop snowing

    HfT lining up a pillow line on a giant downed tree

    The playground


    More pics! Unreal snow the last two weeks.


    Yeah splitrips….get some :thatrocks:

    Rico in AZ

    Well, that was sick. Glad to see CO’s getting some deep snow.

    (keep it safe CO peeps.)


    I have to straight up thanks HFT for scoping NOAA and having his pow-dar proper homed in on the storms coming in. And driving my ass around for a couple weekends. Such a rad brother :thatrocks:

    Bummed I didn’t get to see Mr. Bonez…next time.

    MD….I don’t know if I trust you working bio chemically danger bugs when you’re messing with TR’s.

    while I was driving through the flats of NE, and IA half tweaked out of my mind on “legal” chews. HFT, and MD were at home fondling their parts in preparation for more snow.

    That drive to home is brutal suck….It made coming out to CO all that much more worth the while….It snowed and snowed and snowed.

    HFT and I were supposed to go to the San Juans, but Bonez avy report consisting of his fartstar eating his undies, and easy failing ECT test’s was all that was needed to pull the plug. Plus, I like fondling my wifes butt and boobies……so, safety was key. We had some really solid solid pit results from Sunday though.

    It was a rad trip…Such a good time with HFT, and new skin track vato Mountain Dog :guinness:

    Sleeping and starting at 10K will wear down a Wisconeeeee Minneeeeesoter. I’m always envious when I get passed by every freekin bastard on the skin track…due to my lungs struggling to be efficient. Hell even MD dropped the kids off and still caught and passed my ass. All the training pre season never prepares me for starting the day at 10-11K. aye!

    Oh and fyi…if you’re in a enclosed space with MountainDog…lookout…he’ll hotbox you fully on eye watering, I want to jump out the window of a moving vehicle going 60mph style.

    MD….I LOVE that “air out” shot….I’ve finally been outed as the 6″ of air boosting maniac I’ve inspired to be. That was the air that got me into the Sochi qualifying round. I hear Shawn White is having a special jump made from turd, and baby diapers to work on that action for his next video.

    Thanks for taking photos guys….I feel bad when peeps end up losing out on top to bottom powder runs from taking photos.

    CO represented those 2 weekends…that’s for sure. I have a couple more weeks, and I’m heading to ID/BC. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAP!


    Very nice trip report! Love all the photos. Sleepin at 10k, were u typically skiing at 13k?


    hmm, I didn’t know splitrippin actually snowboarded.


    Nice guys. While I was struggling with near zero visibility and 18″-24″ storm slabs ripping out right and left you were getting this!


    Barrows….If I would had to hang out with one more freekin hard booter…I would have lost my mind.

    PowderJunkie….I don’t snowboard. I just play a splitboarder in real life. DERP How can ya play me like that man….We both used to post on the “earn your turns” online pre


    I’m just bitter CO has snow and that you don’t come out to CA to :guinness: :doobie: :rock: with us. :mrgreen:


    You guys KILLEd it. Lucky bastads Split-rip…… was it to be legal for once?

    Nice one boys


    @SPLITRIPPIN wrote:

    Barrows….If I would had to hang out with one more freekin hard booter…I would have lost my mind.

    We rule the skintrack, and next, the world!


    Nice one guys. MD and HFT pictures are always a crowd pleaser. I’m sad to say I missed these storms. The real job, the phantom job and family life has been out of control. Good thing I wasn’t there with Tripp’n or I would have gotten a pole through the head as he tried to fend off the mind controlling hardbooters.


    Powder Junk Meister….Bro….One day….OR….just roll with on a trip sometime.

    BTW…What the hell happened in CA?

    TEX….Oh the legality of it all. I’m a fan of Open Vape!! Hangin out in restaurants doin vape rips! BRAAAAAAAP!


    Enjoy some video

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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