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    Yeah, I saw the avy danger. Quite frankly I am not too worried about it. It limits the terrain sure, but there is plenty of steep stuff in the old ski area trees that should be fine, in fact it should be epic.

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    I was thinking some cornice launches in the leeward bowl myself 😀

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    Yall know the terrain better then I do, so Ill fall your lead and stumble my way down whatever we get on. 😛 . Ill have my vidio camera as well as my nice film camera so make sure to look your best for the ladies… 😆

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    Well… right about now you all should be meeting at the Pass, minus myself. Why am I at home in front of the computer you might ask? I’m calling it karma, for lack of a better explanation. To make a long story short, I went out and bought a new case for my perscription sunglasses last night, came home, packed, checked, and rechecked everything for today, went to bed, woke up early, was out the door at 6:30, stopped at McD’s for a McGriddle, realized I had forgotten said sunglasses, swung around home, and proceeded to have a meltdown when I couldn’t find them. Ok, not such a short story. Eventually they were found in a very unlikely place that I cant explain except maybe by a black hole, but by that time I had missed my departure window, and having no way to contact anybody, here I sit.
    So, would anyone be interested in some splitting on the 8th, 10th, maybe 11th, 13th, 15th, or 17th? I’ll raise this question on the CO partners thread also.


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    Jeremy, sorry we missed ya. I was figuring you turned around because of traffic. It was horrible on Saturday at 6:30 which used to not be the case. Most everyone was late. I barely made it by 8. Of course fortysix&two and Oldman had been up there since 7. They got the motivation award. Everyone else showed plus a few extras. I’ll try to get some pics up. It was a great day. Thanks againt o bcrider for getting this site up.

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    hope your turns were as good as mine. We had epic lines all weekend.

    Sorry I had to ditch for the resort, but a few lift assisted lines (that few people are aware of) were calling.

    I’ll be up on the weekends…so….we’ll see ya there.

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    I got a few shots up from the mini. Unfortunately not much in the way of riding shots. I think we all just wanted to get after it. Still here they come.
    Skull Bite, some of the finest hard pack sustrugi of the year. This drop was horrible. 2 feet of pow every where and this line is hardpack. Go figure. First time I have ever been skunked on this line.

    The crew on top of the 110’s.


    Peter Rabbit hut and fortysix&2

    Oldman inside the Peter Rabbit hut.

    That is about it for me.
    The mini was great, hopefully a few of us will get out on Monarch Pass this weekend.

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    Way to be Coloradians! Huts are the shit!!

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    looks like you guys had a great day….sorry I had to run off to the resort.

    maybe next time.

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