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    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll be damned if I’m gonna take a saw to my favorite board. I will however pay someone to do it 😯

    Any of you guys or gals know of anywhere in CO that has the balls to do it. i’ll supply the board and split kit, they just provide the know how. Anybody know if Neptune’s does anything like this? They’re the only one’s I could see doin it…..

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    Several years ago someone there told me that they had split several boards for customers. Not sure if they still do or how much.

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    Look around for wood shops. There is one just North of Downtown Denver where they do custom stuff for people. You might find one of those willing to rip your board in two. I think it might be Walnut something, or something…

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    As far as I know, Neptune Mountaineering will split a board for you.
    They have a rossignol 160 that they split on sale for $450 right now.

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    call a carpenter, it’s really not that hard. you can use a bendable carpet straight edge as a fence for the skill saw if you need to, but even thats really not needed. you can do it 😈 . just keep cutting and do not stop

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    Thanks mang, I’m talkin to some people.

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