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    just wanted to throw myself up on here for partners. i’m in grad school in FC. got myself introduced to CO BC all last winter, did a lot of skinning in RMNP, and Cameron, bagged 9 14rs in the spring. Looking for partners. I am very experienced, 19th year snowboarding, 5 season on a split, Avi smart, some good descents around the world under my belt. lets hook up
    970-420-1031 😆

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    I am sure we can work something out. Maybe this weekend.

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    you live in the Fort? yeah lets hook up. this weekend is lookin kinda hectic right now but lets for sure stay in touch. my # is 970-420-1031, name is Jaime

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    I will be up at cameron this weekend not sure if saturday or sunday. But if any one is interested Pm and we can hook up.

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    cool…I am lookin to hitch a ride wherever anybody is rollin to shred sat. or sun. can meet people at major highway intersections in the front range ..need to get scooped up! berthoud, cameron, peak baggin 14r name it I am game..
    oh..yeah..BTW..last sunday at berthoud the snow above treeline on the divide was skiing really stable…almost sierra-ish…think it came in w/ a little mositure…so, depending on the current storm, if anybody wants to scope out some bigger lines I am down..

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    Some friends (mostly skiers) are going to berthod on Sat afternoon and sunday and building a jump somewhere. Im gonna be the only one on real BC touring stuff everyone else will just be boot packing so probably not to much ride just hopefully hitting a big jump alot if anyone is interested.

    Actually there has been a change in plans, not really sure what Im doing this weekend.

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