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    I just moved back into Colorado from Utah and have started up in the backcountry recently. I am using the same setup here in CO that I used in Utah (Voile Mojo board and Black Diamond ascention skins – the orange standard ones). I was at Jones Pass yesterday and noticed on my second lap that my skins would simply not stick to my board. I don’t konw the temperatures exactly but I would say it was fairly cold but not sub 0 F, probably in the low teens. When I took the skins off the 1st time at the top there wasn’t a lot of snow on the glue side and I wrapped them up in my bag for the descent. When I took them out of my bag they were pretty clean. Luckily I put some tail clips on last season so I was able to make the climb but it took a while for the skin to get traction against the board. I have had these skins for two seasons of probably 30+ days in the backcountry and they typcially work really well. The glue is in decent shape overall. Is this a typical problem in the CO Rocky Mountain area?



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    Try sticking them in your jacket for the descent, keeps them warmer.

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    Did you leave them in the car the night before?

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    * Hot Iron them up at the beginning of the season (with some kind of brown paper/cooking bag in between). It will get some of the moisture out of the glue and give it back some of its stickyness/structure. You’ll loose a tiny bit of glue from that but defo worth it.

    * yup tail clips are a must-have. Been in your situation w/o the clips before & had to turn around. Now got them on.

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    @silver wrote:

    Try sticking them in your jacket for the descent, keeps them warmer.


    Also, before sticking the skin to the board, rub the base with your glove, and try to create some friction to heat up the base. Do the same thing once you stick your skin to it. Rub like hell! :rock:

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    I’ve had my skins out at -30 with no issues. They were new though.

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    Yeah, all good thoughts. I kept my skins indoors the night before going out so they were as warm as they are going to be for the first ascent, didn’t have any problems them anyhow. I should probably give them a good cleaning, the protector mesh for storing them keeps breaking off and leaving pieces on the skins which probably doesn’t help.

    I’ll give them another shot and then sounds like they could probably use a re-glue.


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    Don’t use that mesh for storing your skins between runs, or even for storing your skins on a daily basis at home. It’s only meant for storing between seasons, and I don’t even use it for that. It will break off, and little pieces will get caught in skins.

    Use some tweezers to pick out all the big material that you can, and then don’t f#%^ with the glue. Just keep ‘glue to glue’ when storing your skins (unless you’re going to roll them, then that’s a different story).

    Skins shouldn’t really need to be reglued, and only rarely, if you happen to be using them so much.

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