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    I have a ongoing problem and need help. I wear burton ruler boots and a single layer impulse sock. Every backcoutry trip same thing happens I leave the car with warm feet and liners. After hiking all day the feet sweat annd the sock and liner get weat. At camp I change into dry socks and keep my liners in the tent but the liners are damp in the morning and when I put my dry warm feet in I feel the dampness and when I put my boots on my toes go numb untill it warms up in the mid day. Does anyone have a soft boot and sock that keeps their feet warm and dry over multi day backcountry trips? Or can I only expect that comfort level with a mountaineering boot?

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    Sleep with your liners. It can be uncomfortable and smells like death in the morning, but your own body heat will hopefully help dry them out. This might not work if your liners are totally waterlogged, but it should do the trick otherwise.

    You can also try putting some type of heat treat warmers (little packs that heat when exposed to air) on your feet first thing in the morning. One of my partners has metal in her ankle and she couldn’t snow camp w/o those things.

    Only other thing I can think of is to experiment with a vapor barrier sock, but I don’t have any experience with that myself.

    good luck,

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    I’ve heard that a spray on anti-perspirant sprayed on your feet first thing helps…i’ve not had much luck that myself…

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    I have friends who use foot powder in their socks and boots as well… seems to help, at least with the sweating.

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    Yeah, foot powder is good. Also you could try using a separate super-thin liner sock in addition. Those are so small you can take several pairs and even switch them out mid-hike. I always sleep with the liners and socks in the sleeping bag to dry ’em out. You could try a vapor barrier – from what I’ve heard they will keep you warm, but your feet will turn to prunes and you better hope your nose is plugged. Sounds like a last-resort approach to me.

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