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    Hi Guy’s

    I’m new on here and fairly new to the world of splitboarding! After several long days hiking in rackets, i went a bit mad and bought a Rossignol Magtek Split for this season. The board came with Voile Skins.

    Anyway. having read post of the posts on here, I want to fit tail clips before trim the skins to suit the board. Being in the UK theres a fairly limited selection of bits of pieces to play with! however you can get these:

    I’ve seen a few diy skins with similar tensioners fitted, and what i’m wanting to know is how people find them? or should i just buy Spark tail clips?

    Ali 🙂

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    I liked the way mine worked on my BCA skins that I custom cut for a split. The BCA tensioner looks really similar.

    There are lots of ways to hold the tails on, from free to $$$. Voile used to recommend just cutting the skins at the back contact point and not using anything. You can also just do the piece of elastic cord tail clip.

    That price seems decent, and local availability is key as shipping will probably be spendy for you.

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    Ace! thanks thats exactly what i was looking for!


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    Anyone know what those push type rivets are called? Like the ones included in the spark kit?

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    Hey Ali!!

    Those clips look perfect.
    Very similar to the ones that the Climbing Skins Direct use too.
    I used some blind rivets for peace of mind when I fitted mine.



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