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    My 5th time out on the split thus far this winter produced exceptional results. I was offered a last minute opportunity to tag along on a trip to Southeast Alaska where it had supposedly been snowing heavily for several days. While driving the road looking for a place to skin I quickly discovered a part of Alaska I had had never knew existed before. I was in the Coast Range and thus felt as if I had somehow ended up in British Columbia, but no, this is AK., albeit very close to the border of BC.

    Sitka Black-Tail Deer playing in the powder.

    As I ascended the slope the reality hit that I was about to score huge!

    It was blue , white, and beautiful in the surrounding mountains

    In the distance I could see the famed Mendenhal Towers

    And some inlets and islands of the Pacific Ocean

    Wait a second, is this really November?

    Solo today, so no riding pics, but here is a look down what I was looking at dropping:

    And here is a look back up after I finally took a rest from the face shots.

    The next day my partner got off work and since she hooked me up on this dope trip I wanted to make sure she got some. We headed off for this sweet looking cirque.

    She was fired up, setting the pace and moving quick. Me being sore from three fat runs the day the before I kicked it in the back and got some nice skinning pics.

    We reached the ridge line and enjoyed world class ski-touring above the salt water.

    I dropped into beautiful snow (my only three riding photos of the trip).

    We crushed that nice little bowl and then headed back up for more

    The rhime plastered trees on the ridge made for sublime touring.

    I took some more photos of the Mendenhal Glacier and the Towers in the distance.

    For our final lap I headed for this nice little couloir (our season couloir opener!)

    …and she crushed it.

    Following a nice powder ski out we were off to the hotel and hot tub. Who woulda known that random out of the blue ski trip to an unknown location in November could turn out so epic?
    Providing the temps stay cold enough to keep the snow dry, Southeast Alaska is the goods. Wow.

    ta hui

    ya dude!!!! SCORE! the towers are pretty damn majestic looking!!! hope your doing well up there!! Brainsteak and i are fired up to get some shit don. maybe a sierra crossing!! :rock:



    but you said you head up there alone sometimes?


    So far TR of the year. Great photos and looks like a blast. How much vert did you squeeze in each day?


    Some nice eye candy around there. Must check that out in person someday. Thanks for the TR SS!

    rky mtn srfr

    Very nice!


    A snowsavage TR and coffee. That’s how every work day should start.


    f’ yeah!!!
    on my out for some touring and low angle turns, early season style.
    glad i saw this before heading out.
    fine stoke for the day!


    simply beautiful, well done SS :rock:


    Stellar once again. Enjoying your Frequency contributions too!!


    Thanks for checking it out all.

    Ecobrad, glad you found the FRQ column, there should be several more coming out in the future.

    mrash; ever since the season started I find it difficult to focus on work in the office, especially since I can see the Chugach from my window! hope I am not too bad of an influence on your workday..ooooops.

    Snowvols; The runs there are short, maybe between 1,500-2,000 at 3 runs per day so 4,500-6,000-ish

    Method; alone? Yep, I ride solo quite often, as do many of my friends , some of which post normal TR’s here.

    Ta hui; dude, keep me posted on your crossing plans. I might be in!


    Amazing pics bro,do you live in Juneau?
    I Will be getting ferry through there on route to AK this season and definetly want to stop off and tour around there


    nah, I dont live in Juneau but its worth checking out for sure, providing it is cold, but word is that the good days are few and far between because it rains quite often in the winter producing either slop or natsy crust. I have heard this from a few people who used to live there but others say they have a solid winter. I am quite curious to know the truth though, because its def. a nice little spot for riding and touring, good terrain and not much of a scene. If you head up contact me and i’ll help you with the beta that I recently aquired.


    Thanks man,will defo get in touch when i hit AK :headbang:

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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