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    Leave Tahoe Thursday night and drive through the night.
    Ski pow on Friday.
    See the Kings take on the Jazz Friday night.
    Ski pow on Saturday
    Ski pow on Sunday.
    Leave Sunday afternoon and get home late Sunday night.

    Anyone interested? 🙂

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    Sure chris, swing by my house and honk the horn. I’m packed and ready!
    I’ll actually be in SLC over presidents week.

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    DUDE! no advanced notice….ugh.

    I’d go but I can’t see driving up to Tahoe first. Dammit.

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    I’m down. But will you call my wife and let her know…and forward me the divorce papers. 😯

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    Sorry for the short notices guys…I just cooked this idea up last night. I really want to ski some pow and see my Kings play. Its only 8hrs away from Tahoe…that’s nothing with two drivers.

    Where there is a will there is a way. :mrgreen:

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    If you were leaving on friday and going to see the Celtics play I’d go for sure.

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    I’d go but your kings and my jazz kind of suck! anyways have fun the riding will defininatly be better than the game lots of new snow almost everyday.who are you riding with? I might try to hook up with karma on saturday

    karma surf
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    Let’s ride some Pow Bro! I’ll even yank a 178ST from the shop for you- you’ll need it this weekend! Lets go with the Jivester and surf the Wasatch wave!!! I have Fri, Sat, and Sunday free.

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    Dudes! We have to hook up. I’m going to be there Fri-Sun. Wasn’t sure if I could get in a bc day because I’ll be hanging with some friends who will be riding at the resorts, but hell I gotta make it happen now! Most likely bc day for me is Sat I think.

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    I have clearance Clarence! 8)

    (with the wife anyways) still gotta figure out one more loose end but the biggest hurdle has been overcome.

    I’d love to take you up on the 178 and turns offer. Let the wizard know I’ll be expecting him to join us too. 🙂

    Sounds sweet man! I pm’d ya.

    STOKED! :mrgreen:

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    I’m in for Sunday!

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    😀 😀

    i’ll be in UT on sunday too! near alta. but i’m a major noobie and don’t want to hold you back…this’d be my first time in big mountain BC…whadya think? are you willing to give me and my new khyber some tips?

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    Just got back from three days of Hotel Hell in Atlanta and I’m gunning to get out on Friday. Karma, let me know what’s happening with BCR, I may just have to take the day off. Saturday’s out with Boy Scout stuff.

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    Hi ikkin,

    Sunday would be a good day to hook up. We’ll be leaving that day (early to mid afternoon) and the area around alta would be a good place to go. We’ll probably be taking it easy after two previous days of touring and limited sleep as well. 🙂

    PM me your contact info.

    I’ll be able to check in here too while in SLC.

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    Let me know where you guys are going on Sat. I would love to hook up.

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