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    New board called for wider skins. I thought about the BD split skins, but wanted max traction with a full reverse camber board, and the Jones ones, but the cool black ones didn’t come as a cut your own and the curve was in the wrong place for a longer board. Few people had the red ones and they were only 140 wide by 170. Pomocas seem stocked in in short size only and more in Italy, not so much here.

    So I went with the CSDs 145 by 200 maybe for $105

    -They have super strong glue, so don’t dare to put them glue together indoors. I roll them touring, put them on ptex scraps at home (like cheat sheets) they don’t come with cheat sheets. A real fine scotch brite pad or dish scrubbing sponge is not a bad idea on the first day or two to remove any glue or if you put them on your board indoors. I don’t think I will need tail clips ever or at least for a few seasons.

    -They are good for Utah really strong traction, awesome for tricky steep ridges. I like this and seem to lose energy more when sliding back in recrystallized snow than I do getting to the mtn, again kinda wasatch-specific. I was just able to set the last step a lot steeper before making a kick turn which was real nice.

    -Glide? they seem to glide a fair distance but I’ve only done long flats on an icy road where anything glides well and I’ve never used race type mohair skins.

    The tip clips they come with were pretty narrow and didn’t go well over a splitboard tip clip. I ended up using cord through a Black Diamond tip.

    You do need to wax them or DWR coat them before use. I got globbed a little on the first day from resting in the shade.

    They are a small amount more flexible than BD synthetics, but still pretty bulky, but they are 145 by 180s. Nowhere near as supple and packable as the Jones/Pomocas.

    I love the Scandinavian sweater pattern, just hilarious.

    I really dig the thin supple packable nature of the Jones/Pomoca skins and will probably try a nylon pair with tail clips once they are made available in bigger sizes. I like the milder glue also with the tail notch system, seems to take less energy and attention.

    I’d say overall they are similar Voile’s with lots of traction and not needing tail clips, come in wider lengths, and cheaper, depending on your tip solution. I’d have just bought Voile’s if they were wide enough.

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    Used Contour liquid wax from because these skins got some snowballs on a day they shouldn’t have. Now, after some really wet climbing in and out of the shadows, no hint of any snow sticking. The downside: this treatment is an outdoor thing only for application and letting it dry, pretty strong VOCs so don’t go using it inside in midwinter. I knew that going in, in my opinion these DWRs last a lot better. No odor the next day. I used maybe a third of the bottle for 180 by 145cm skins.

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    Thanks for that review, Scooby. Given their low price, I’ve always wondered about Climbing Skins Direct skin quality. Seems like a great value.


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    Toured with the csd skins today up on one of the most difficult ridgelines that I have skinned, cliff exposure, wind rollers, cornices, narrow and steep. They absolutely rocked and left a splitter who is markedly faster than me in the dust even though I was breaking as his 75/25 light-glue skins were backsliding and peeling off and backsliding. It was high single digits or maybe up to 12 degrees.

    Then we did a lap on an already broken trail and he kicked my ass as usual. But CSDs kill it on tricky technical ridge skins. You do have to do a waterproof treatment or wax them for the warm days when you first get them, and you cant store them glue to glue, roll separately when touring. Sweet value for an aggressive skin.

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    @Scooby2 Thanks for info on those skins, indeed a sweet value. I thought a new guy bought CSD, but it looks like CSD is still online. Huh? Here’s the new ones: I think they are exactly the same except graphics.

    Did your buddy put his skins on at home or in the parking lot? I have found the hybrid glue skins to be great when applied at home and only used for one lap. Applying cold or slightly wet in the field can result in major frustration. Also, if you have just a little too much tension on the tail clip, it will cause curl on the sides, and they will fail from the tail forward.

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    good point, we’ll keep an eye on tail strap tension, he’s only been using a tail strap for two seasons. Skins were warm from the house, but put on a cold board I think.

    CSD skins have no tail strap. I have the Scandanavian sweater print on the simple skins for 107. Have to roll them up individually. They look to still be a different independent outfit out of Wyoming.

    Climbings Skins Direct Store

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