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    oh come on BCR, all you got is a ❓ for your HBs ??? 😀

    HB bindings are great for quicker turnaround [thou you just spent 2 hrs climbing] and good board connection – got the older ones which are pretty clean and simple. they do require a good fitting HB boot [rare] which you can tighten up well. i’m riding k2 Eclipse. this has been my biggest struggle…

    overall, great comfort, good feel, and the HB can be pushed back while skinning for a bit more range. and if you are lucky enough to have some clicker accessories, well then, you got it going on.

    i could use another pair of m/L now that i think about it…

    wish i was at 8K

    4149 Posts

    all in time digdug! 😀

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    I bought some K2 Team1 boot and Plasma HB HB bindings of ebay for a cheapo price. Today I have been messing around with my board set-up. Never really fiddled with clickers of any type so this is interesting. Some thoughts:

    1. these boots weigh a tone and are much stiffer than my Malamutes. Not so comfortable either. The k2 liner sucked so I have put my Malamute liner in. Much better. But overall these boots are tough on my feet and I am not sure I could ride in them with comfort.

    2. The sensation of being attached to my board by the sole of my foot feels quite good. I am very keen to try it out on the snow. The dynamic is so more natural (in my mind) to that of a strap or flow type of binding where you are pulled down onto the board. The board feels like it is part of the boot.

    3. This is going to sound odd, but I just never understood why highbacks are so great. With a stiff boot I am not sure I need them at all. I don’t need them when I surf, and I can carve a pretty fast, long and hard heel side bottom turn. I have taken them off the clickers and will give a san-HB test run this season. I have never used any forward lean at all in the past, in fact I have had the HB set with a little backwards lean. I like to be naturally cantered over my board and forward lean always messed with my natural posture and stance. Perhaps I will eat my words big time when I am on the snow.

    Please excuse this rather pointless post. I am so far from any type of snow time this season that all I can do is blabber on snow forums to make me feel better.

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