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    Any riders using Cilogear packs? Just wondering how well they carry a split both A-frame and solid via their board pouch. Additionally, if you have carried a board did you try to haul it with the pack striped down? Thanks

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    I have not tried the pack nor the carrier. But I have heard nothing but good things. typically has posts from the Owner of the company. Buy American !!


    I have a 60L and love it. Very versatile. I use it now for most of my trips. Very light, compressible and comfortable. I tried ordering the snowboard pouch a couple years ago but Graham has been out of stock since. I carried a snowboard a few times on short day hikes. The weight of the board seemed to put excessive stress on the bar-tacked d-ring attachments. 😕 I wonder if he’ll be making the Snowboard pouch again? The newest CiloGear packs are handmade in Oregon so quality should be solid. The one I have (V3) was made in Turkey. No complaints though other than the snowboard issue. The Cold Cold World Chaos and Chernobyl are bomber packs for snowboarding, ice-climbing, etc. A little heavier though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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