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    Vince and myself got out last Saturday before the big storm to do some Chuting on Berthoud Pass. We started out from the top of the pass and hiked up what else but Mt. Russell. The smaller chutes were untracked and stable so we gave the two a go. One for each. Vince enjoyed his line.

    You can see a slight difference in styles by our lines.

    Then we skinned across the Valley to the ridge between Current and Second Creek.
    There is a large chute going into Second creek just below the divide ridge. We dug another pit and it was nice and stable so I got to go.

    More lines to look at.

    Then it was lunch time so we took a break in the valley below the chute. There are a lot of lines worth doing here. The one lookers left of the big cornice chute looks nice.

    So does this hallway. I am thinking a rider blasting through this would make an excellent shot.

    We then tried for the chute below South Cone, but unlike the last two chutes we did, it gave us lots of red flags when we dug the pit. Here is the line we wanted.

    and this is the line we ended up doing…

    From there we rode on down into First Creek and went through some mushy, soppy, crappy snow that absolutely sucked on a board to get to the highway. A quick hitch up and we were out of there. 8)

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    Sweet TR!

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    another good one killz! 😀

    nice looking pics and lines.

    thanks for sharing.

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