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    Chiwaukum Ridge, Stevens Pass, WA
    Feb. 27, 2010

    Good snow in a good line with good friends. About 2700 ft. from here to up there.

    Looking across the valley.

    Sick head band, bra! And OMG, what’s with that wool sweater?? Why aren’t you rocking the skittle-kid neon and a full-face??
    J-MO (capt. morgan) and snoslut getting their shit together.

    I like riding big avy paths in powder. I bet you do, too. What’s wrong with us???

    The potential for buried surface hoar kept us kind of cautious, but OH BOY, WAS THIS A FUN RUN!!!! YEA!!!!

    (music kicks in at about 1 minute.)

    edit: can’t get the video to embed! sorry! help?


    Cool video.

    I drove past on the way back from leavenworth on sunday and thought it looked prety nice up there. East of the crest was pretty good this past weekend. Lots of large naturals from friday in the colchuck area.


    Yea, it seems like the e. side has been spared the warm-ups. I bet the Colchuck area was good this weekend!


    Nice. Looks like you had good snow. Snow wasn’t that good at Paradise on Sunday, but still fun and great weather.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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