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    I just got a shiny new Prior board in the mail – but I can’t put it all the way together! The chinese hooks seem to be installed too far into the board, and so the halves won’t slide together.

    Anyone else had this problem?
    I guess I’ll have to try removing them and filing them down?

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    can you show a pic of the nose- and tail-clips? is it the same there?

    if yes – the board halfes are not correctly mounted: move the pucks for better adjustment of the 2 halves. no problem …

    if no – so if the clips fit well and only the hooks do not fit, imho this is unacceptable.

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    It’s not that the hooks are mounted incorrectly along the long length of the board – it’s that they’re too far from the edge of the board. So, no, the tail/tip of the board are not aligned when I took the photo above – I can’t slide the halves together to make the ends flush, because the hooks hit.

    The Split Decision I have slides together easily.

    Here’s the difference: Prior on the left, Voile on the right.

    Note the hook on the Prior obscures the edge of the board, while there is a gap on the Voile.

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    Hmm.. we have 2 boards from Prior. The Chinese hooks were set-up kinda tight at first, but workable on one board. On the other, it slid together easily from the beginning, and now there is too much play (about a millimeter). Don’t really know what to do about it, except maybe look for a local machinist around here who can duplicate a similar part with tighter dimensions.

    Anyway, I think filing them down should work. I wish I had the same problem as you (unfortunately, I have the opposite).

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    I would ask Prior!

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    dont worry –

    i put on a old duotone board – new chines hooks from a voile kit ….
    the seam problem- like yours

    my answere:

    make the fix self ! with a sander , slow and ckeck it always .


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    Don’t wanna thread-hijack but…

    If anyone has any other ideas for achieving the opposite (eg fixing too-much play between the Chinese hooks), let me know!

    I’m thinking of wrapping some thin wire around one end to build up a spacer, but that is gonna be pretty ugly…

    Don’t think the JB Weld idea suggested elsewhere will help me, as I took a look and the screws are not crooked.

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    Ask Prior if this problem is normal to them. If it is, they probably allready have a solution.

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    Was the board assembled when it was delivered? Surely they assembled it at the factory before shipping it. I remember my Priors being tight enough that I had to slam the two halves together at first pretty hard. Otherwise call them and tell them you want another one.

    As for loose hooks, I find just tightening the screws usually tightens them pretty well. You can also just replace the hooks if they get too worn.

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    If you bought this new I would start the process of warranty repair right away. Prior has moved to a larger manufacturing area and misdrilled holes are a BIG part of their quaility control problems of late.

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    You’d have to be an idiot to misdrill a hole with the template stickers that Voile provides. It just can’t get any easier really. I’m sure its possible though.

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    I don’t know if the factory uses the stckers or a jig set up. Either way if you don’t put it in the right spot…..or the bit jumps, or the operator has done to many…..

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    @champagnepowder wrote:

    Was the board assembled when it was delivered? Surely they assembled it at the factory before shipping it.

    Yes, it was “assembled”, but the two halves were definitely not completely together – it was about like my picture, maybe a little more “slammed together”, and it took 10 minutes of pulling to get them apart!

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    I’m thinking with a little elbow greece and emery paper or filing you can get the fit “just rigth”. You’ll appreciate the fact that it is tight to start with, and I always rather error in this direction if any. It’s quite difficult to tighten up a loose connection in this area..

    Anyway, I’m glad this subject came up. I’m about to embark on a DIY splitboard journey and this is just one more area I’ll pay a little “extra” attention to.

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Try loosening the nuts on the t-bolts and try to get the board together with them semi loose and then tighten them back.

    chris prior
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    I have been reading with concern, that we shipped a board that cannot be assembled due to the hooks positioning. All our boards are assembled before shipping and we try and make a very snug fit becasuse they are going to adventually ware down. For the first few assemblies you will need to bang the tail on the ground to fit the two halves together. If anyone is still having a problem just drop me an email directly and I will get back to you. Cheers.

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    That’s awesome that some manufacturers(sp?) are willing to address problems like these and have a genuine concern. I hope things will continue to be this way when splitboarding really gets big.(As is beginning to happen). It has a big affect on me the way a company deals with certain issues as I will be looking into another split soon.

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    Banging the tail on the ground (pretty hard) did eventually get the hooks to sit all the way together, thanks Chris. It took a few assemblies/disassemblies, but it seems to be getting easier now – though I still have to bang the tail to disassemble. Hopefully I’ll get to try it out for the 1st time this wknd 🙂

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    Thanks for coming on to comment about this Chris…very commendable. 🙂

    ps. Tell Dean hi!

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    This is totaly unrelated to splits, but I’d like to chime in with a customer service story regarding Prior.

    I ride a solid MFR and love it. So, when my wife was due for a new board, stopped by the Prior tent one day while at Whistler. Chris, Dean, and co. rolled out the red carpet and set her up with three different lengths. 154 > 149 > 152 and back to the 154. Anyway, she loved the 154 and we ordered one up on the spot.

    The board arrived a week or two later and I went to mount up my wife’s Flows. Unfortunately, the front insert pack had one of the holes misaligned by about 1mm. For most bindings with slots, this would have been a non-issue, but Flows have round holes that seem to need precise alignment. I probably could have dremeled the binding disks slightly. When I emailed, Dean could have said “1mm! That’s well within reasonable tolerances”, but he didn’t. He immediately sent out a return shipping label and started work on pressing a new board for my wife. He was even nice enough to reserve the last remaining stock of a limited edition ice blue base that my wife really loved. The new board arrived soon after and my wife is delighted with it.

    Prior probably made very little on that sale due to the cost of shipping back and forth from BC to California, but they certainly won two loyal customers. I can’t wait to put enough damage into my old Oxygen Shogun to warrant replacing it with a big MFR or PowStick. The only problem Prior is going to run into is that their boards last so damn long! My 162 MFR has alot of miles on it, but it still rides like the day I bought it.

    Sorry for the long post, but I’m a happy customer and much prefer to send my $s to the little guys with great service over the big soulless corporations. 😀

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